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Paint the town Panther
Panther sub state

Great Bend residents and businesses are being urged to show support for the Great Bend boys basketball team this Friday in the Class 5-A sub-state finals.

Community Coordinator Christina Hayes is asking everyone to “show your Panther pride.”

“It is a home game,” Hayes said. Great Bend will play Hays High School at 7 p.m. in the GBHS Gym. “We need to pack the arena and show our support.” Residents are also encouraged to wear the team colors, black and red, and businesses with storefronts or marquees are asked to show their support.

“Our Panthers haven’t made it to State since 2007, and we really need to support them!” Hayes said. “As a hometown Claflin girl who has seen the pride that state championships bring, I’ve always thought we REALLY NEED a basketball or football state championship. So LET’S GO PANTHERS!! Show your pride for our community and mostly our kids THIS FRIDAY!!!!!!”