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A Womans View
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A Woman’s View

Christmas season
by the alphabet

We are already into the middle of December and Christmas is only a week away. What happened to the year? Just yesterday we were grilling on Labor Day, and now it is almost Christmas?
This is a stressful time. There is just too much going on! We think, “Oh well, it only comes once a year!” and then we push all the harder!
We realize Christmas will soon come and go. Americans only celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day customarily.
We ignore the entire 12 days of Christmas which ends on Jan. 6.
I told Fred that we would all be half dead by then if we observed them all.
Sometimes it’s good just to stop; to rest, to read something inspiring. To spend a few quiet moments removed from the mayhem and rushing can restore the soul..
Fred and I have reconnected with a friend from the past who is a remarkable poet and writer. His poetry deals with a variety of subjects. His latest venture has been to write a poem starting each poem’s line with the same letter of the Alphabet.
He has written “A” poetry, “B” poetry, “C” poetry and so on to “Z”. He even wrote a “Z” poem.
There are poems for each letter of the alphabet.
Here are some samples for you. Then you will understand what I mean when I say that he is quite talented. I do hope you enjoy them. Take a break. He titled the first one…
                        My “Q” Christmas Poem
Quartz dazzling crystals of shimmering light
Quantity of snowflakes descending by night
Quaint old black snow sleds pulled by old Nell
Quality crafted from oak trees now felled

Quit your complaining about the cold night
Quilts wrapped round snuggly, kids safe in sight
Quirky old uncles and aunts will come call
Quacking old hens then head to the mall....

                    My  “U” Christmas Poem
Understanding Christmas is not what you think
Underneath the glitz and dirty dishes in the sink
Uttering sweet Angelic voices sing...
Unbelievable Hosannas to Christ the King

Unto us this day, a Child has been born
Under a bright star in a land so forlorn
Unclothed came He to this world on that night
Unbridled emotions touched shepherds at sight

Uncaring the world went about its own path
Unable to escape from God’s fearful wrath
Unbeaten He finally hung on the tree
Undertaking the sin for you and for me.

                My “X” Christmas Poem (grab a dictionary)
Xeroxing programs a Christmas pageant soon being
Xylophones and toys drums soon will be ringing
Xenon bulbed fixtures shine down from from the ceiling
Xeric like heating from old boilers screaming

Xyloid old manger passed down year by year
Xylene fed candles bringing good cheer
Xantham gum in the bags filled with treats
Xanthic and brown passed to kids in their seats.       

By Kevin Kirkpatrick

Take a deep breath now. And proceed!!

“A Woman’s View” is Judi Tabler’s reflection of her experiences and events. She is a wife, mother, writer, teacher, grandmother, and even a great grandmother.