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City council to discuss sanitation services Monday
Letter to editor:
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Dear Pawnee Sanitation Patrons,

We wanted to invite you to attend the Larned city council meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the city offices.
They will hopefully be continuing the discussion on trash services in Larned.
Options that the council is considering are —
1. Raising monthly rates and leaving everything else the same — city trash service or Pawnee Sanitation Service or hauling your own.
2. City taking over all trash services — eliminating Pawnee Sanitation, possibly billing for trash services whether you use the city or not, possibly eliminating rural routes and Garfield. Kansas statute would require a hearing process and other steps to do this.
3. Invite bids from outside companies to handle the trash service — eliminating Pawnee Sanitation, possibly decreasing number of pick-ups per week, possibly eliminating rural routes and Garfield. Kansas statute would require a hearing process and other steps to do this.
As you can see, the last two proposals that the city manager, mayor, and council are considering would eliminate your freedom of choice, our business, and possibly eliminate your service all together.
Just as many of you were surprised with the increase in the utility rates and soon to be water rate increase, we feel you should be aware of what’s going on.
Be present.
Plan to attend the meeting on July 7th and/or ask your council member for information. Many of the council members have visited with us and are willing to visit with you too.
For Your Information...
Council members will not be aware of the upcoming agenda until the end of the week.
If the trash service is not an agenda item, the city requires a call by noon on Monday. July 7th, if you want to address the council in regards to this matter. Otherwise no one will be allowed to bring it up.
If it is on the agenda,you can be present and ask to address the council on that item.
You might make a difference in what direction is taken!

Thank you and God Bless!
Bud and Brenda Johnson
Pawnee Sanitation Service

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