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CKL baseball standings
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Larned          15-2   16-3
Halstead        13-3  14-5
Pratt              11-7   11-9
Lyons            10-7   11-9
Nickerson       10-8   11-9
Kingman         10-8  11-9
Hoisington      6-10   6-12
Haven            5-11   5-14
Smoky Valley 3-13   3-15
Hillsboro        2-16   3-18

LARNED (16-3, 16-3)—WW Haven (Skelton 1-0, Erway 1-0); WL, Halstead (Kraisinger 1-0, Perez 0-1); WW Hoisington (Skelton 2-0, Erway 2-0); WW Hillsboro (Skelton 3-0, Erway 3-0); WW Nickerson (Perez 1-1, Kraisinger 2-0); WW Smoky Valley (Skelton 4-0, Erway 4-0); W Lyons (Perez 2-1);  WL Kingman (Skelton 5-0, Kraisinger 2-1); WW Pratt (Perez 3-1; Kraisinger 3-1); WL Great Bend (Erway 4-0); Hoisington-Central Plains

HALSTEAD (13-3, 14-5)—WW Hoisington; WW Pratt; WL Larned; WL Nickerson; WW Smoky Valley; WW Lyons; WL Kingman; WL Wichita Independent; WW Hillsboro; L Sedgwick

PRATT (11-7, 11-9)—LL Ulysses/Kingman; WW Kingman; WL Haven; LL Halstead; WW Hoisington; WW Hillsboro; LL Nickerson; WW Smoky Valley; WW Lyons; LL Larned; Wichita Trinity

LYONS (10-7, 11-9)—LL Independent; WW Kingman; WW Haven; LL Halstead;WW Hoisington; LL Pratt; WL Hillsboro; L Larned; WL Nickerson; WW Smoky Valley; W Scott City; Lakin

NICKERSON (10-8, 11-9)—WL Kingman; WL Smoky Valley; WL Halstead; WW Pratt; LL Larned; WW Hillsboro; WL Great Bend; WL Hoisington; WL Lyons; WL Haven; Smoky Valley

KINGMAN (10-8, 11-9)—WL Pratt/Wichita Trinity; WL Nickerson; LL Pratt; WL Smoky Valley; LL Lyons; WW Hillsboro; WW Haven; WL Halstead; WL at Hoisington; WL Larned; Clearwater

HOISINGTON (6-10, 6-12)—LL Halstead; WW Haven; WW Hillsboro; LL Pratt; LL Larned; LL Lyons; WL Kingman; WL Nickerson; LL Russell; 5-14, at Smoky Valley; Larned

HAVEN (5-11, 5-14)—LL Remington; LL Hoisington; WL Pratt; LL Larned; LL Lyons; LL Kingman; WL Hillsboro; WW Smoky Valley; WL Nickerson; L Sedgwick

SMOKY VALLEY (3-13, 3-15)—LL Ell-Saline; WW Hillsboro; WL Nickerson; LL Kingman; LL Halstead; LL Pratt; LL Larned; LL Haven; LL Lyons; 5-14, Hoisington; Nickerson

HILLSBORO (2-16, 3-18)—LL Smoky Valley; LL Hoisington; LL Pratt; LL Kingman; LL Larned; WL Marion; LL Nickerson; WL Haven; WL Lyons; LL Halstead; L SE Saline

4A HOISINGTON REGIONAL—Larned 16-3 vs. Hoisington-Central Plains 6-12, 30 minutes after first semifinal; Hays-Thomas More Prep 13-4 vs. Russell 13-5, 2 p.m. Thursday
4A NICKERSON REGIONAL—Concordia 17-3 vs. Chapman, 3-17, 2 p.m. Thursday; Nickerson 11-9 vs. Smoky Valley 3-15, 4 p.m. Thursday
4A PRATT REGIONAL—Pratt 11-9 vs. Wichita Trinity 7-9, 4 p.m. Thursday; Kingman 11-9 vs. Clearwater 8-10, 2 p.m. Thursday
3A LYONS REGIONAL—Ellsworth 11, Minneapolis 1; Lyons 5, Scott City 4; Lakin 14-5 vs. Ellsworth 5-14, 2 p.m. Thursday; Beloit 12-8 vs. Lyons 12-9, 4 p.m. Thursday
3A HILLSBORO REGIONAL—Sedgwick 9, Haven 4; Southeast of Saline 6, Hillsboro 5; Sedgwick 4, Halstead 2; Remington 13-4 vs. SE-Saline 16-5, 2 p.m. Thursday; Finals, Sedgwick 14-4 vs. Remington-SE Saline winner, 4:30 p.m. Thursday