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Convicted robber gets 130-month prison sentence
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LARNED —  James W. Cawley, 33, was sentenced to the standard prison term of 130 months after the defendant’s request for a reduced sentence on a robbery conviction was denied by Pawnee County District Judge Bruce Gatterman Thursday in Pawnee County District Court.
According to court records, the charge stems from Cawley’s theft of a motor vehicle from the parking lot of a Larned retailer on August 7, 2010. 
Doug McNett, assistant Pawnee County attorney, said the owner of a vehicle had left his pickup truck running when he went into a store.  However, the owner noticed the defendant getting into the truck.  The owner rushed from the store and a physical confrontation ensued.  The truck was later recovered in Oklahoma and the defendant was ultimately extradited from Maine.
At his sentencing, Cawley presented the testimony of a psychologist in support of his request for a reduced sentenced based on emotional and mental issues.  McNett countered by pointing out the defendant’s extensive 18-year criminal history. McNett argued the defendant’s mental conditions made the defendant a greater risk to community safety.
After hearing arguments from both sides, Judge Gatterman denied the defendants request and sentenced him to the standard prison term of 130 months.