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Fort Larned USD 495
City Trails explained
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LARNED — The Fort Larned USD 495 school board met March 14 in regular session. The following are approved minutes submitted by Joyce Simpson, the board clerk.
Jay Haremza, president, called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. Board members Marda Giessel, Jay Haremza, Brenda Hagerman, Sharon Arnold, Cory Stelter, June Barger, Sharon Lessard were present. Also attending were Jon Flint, superintendent; Boruue Carlson, treasurer; Joyce Simpson Clerk. Board attorney Phil Martin was missing.
The agenda, The Feb. 14 minutes, bills and the January treasurer’s report was approved as presented.
City Trails
Larned City Manager Don Gaeddert presented information on the Pawnee County Trails program. He said the program was initiated by Kevin McMurray along with George Elmore. Mary Hansen is working on the planning. Members of the committee represent various organizations.
Gaeddert presented a Power Point and explained the trail system began involving several areas around the city such as the schools and parks. Incorporation of the Trail Center, cemetery, and Fort Lamed could be a later extension of the trail system.
Gaeddert said a lot of activity is moving west. Along with that comes the involvement of crossing the highway. After studying the crossing of the highway at Corse Street, KDOT says there is no need.
Gaeddert reported that a tunnel underneath the highway for crossing is a very doable project that might take care of the safety factor for adults and children. Board president Haremza inquired about a crossing overhead. Gaeddert replied that would be much more expensive. Funds could be requested in the form of a grant from Safe Routes for Kids.
Gaeddert reminded the board that adequate lighting and ADA accessibility must be provided.
Wide area network
Technology director Stan Higgins talked about a project started in 2009 to connect all school buildings with a wide area network.
Higgins said before the project was started each building was on its own. Higgins said the project has increased the efficiency and capabilities of sharing information but left the district office and support services out of the loop. He showed the configuration of the current connection on a Power Point.
He would like to have those two buildings connected. He estimated $18,000 would complete the project and he has money in his budget to cover the expense.
25-year employees
Superintendent Flint and Board President Haremza recognized two 25-year employees for their teaching with a pin and a certificate of recognition. Marilyn Hall, Northside teacher, attended; and Judy Ochs, Westside teacher, was absent.
Student spotlight
Derek Reinhardt, Larned Middle School principal, introduced middle school league wrestling champions — Jeremy Bartz, Jeremy Kramer and Jake Parkin.
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
A Blue Cross/Blue Shield representative presented information regarding the plan that USD 495 carries. She noted that the plan has been in place for seven years with the exception of some changes that had to be done last year.
The maximum lifetime benefit was increased and all services for home health care go toward a deductible. Co-pays do not go toward a deductible. The plan by the district has not been sold for a few years. If the district changes their plan enough the grandfather status would be lost. Renewal is in May. With no action by the board the Blue Cross / Blue Shield Plan will remain basically the same.
Athletic donation
The board approved a donation from John Farley for a Jugs Professional Sports radar gun, one speed monitor with cable, two Black & Decker battery chargers, four Black & Decker versa-pak gold batteries, and a carrying case for a value of $600.
Elementary site council
Jennifer Turner reported on the Elementary Site Council. She reported that Principal Harding cleared up questions regarding Adequate Yearly Progress for the group. The council assessed the Watch DOG Program, and discussed differentiated instruction, walk intervention, the I Can Model, and the transitional kindergarten.
The council felt like behavior problems had decreased since the “Give ‘Em Five” program was implemented. Bullying was discussed group. The Elementary Site Council was involved with the Larned Pride Committee. Turner reported that Mrs. Harding explained the State Assessment testing with the students and parents, letting them know how important it was to do their best and well as keeping parents informed with the various other programs and activities at the Elementary schools.
Turner said she was really impressed with Mrs. Harding and her leadership is outstanding. She stated that Lea has done a great job.
Capital improvements
USD 495 Maintenance Director Daryl Gobin reported that the Hillside roof started leaking again today. Board member Lessard informed Gobin that she appreciated his work in prioritizing. It’s hard to decide what to do first whether it is a roof, a boiler, the plumbing pipes since there is a definite need on all.
Superintendent Flint informed the board that Gobin needs some direction. Barger suggested that Gobin get bids on the five repair jobs so they could make an informed decision.
Approval passed for Goble to procure bids on the projects listed so a more informed decision could be made by the board.
Acceptance of grants
Superintendent Flint reported to the Board that over 24 applications were received for the mini-grants and noted he felt that was good participation.
Approval passed for the following mini-grants from the Ft. Larned Foundation for Education: Hayley Dicks, $150; Lea Harding, $400; Heidi Ribordy, $39.58; Barb King, $150; Jill Milhon, $71.78; Diana Webster, $97.50; Kevin Kneisley, $150; Jennifer Fitzpatrick, $150; Rosa Blattner, $82.79; and Lamed Middle School, $750 for a total of $2,041.
Approval passed for Higgins to send out requests for bids on a wide area network. The work is expected to be completed this summer and tested before school begins.