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Highway Patrol trooper delivers advice for LJCF youth
paw jm mike racy
Mike Racy, Kansas Highway Patrol trooper

LARNED — Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Mike Racy provided valuable information on safety hazards for young drivers during a recent presentation at the Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility.
Youth residents listened with interest as Racy spoke on the importance of using seat belts, the dangers of texting while driving, and the consequences of alcohol-impaired drinking and driving.  He talked about the increasing severity and violence of car crashes, adding that the hardest part of his job is making death notifications for the victims of those accidents.
“This is a great presentation that the youth residents at the facility seem to enjoy every year,” said David Hales, LJCF chaplain and coordinator of the event.
For the 107 youth residents in attendance, Racy put a human face and personality on a sometimes distant voice and arm of discipline.  
The trooper played videos which held the attention of the entire group and helped solidify the serious nature of the afternoon’s presentation.  
When queried about the time of year when the most DUI arrests are made by the KHP, Racy answered “spring.”   
Racy told the group that the most important thing a driver should do when being stopped by law enforcement is to keep their hands in plain sight.  
As he departed the facility, trooper Racy commented on how impressed he was with the youth audience.  
“I will look forward to returning next year,” Racy said.