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Larned Correctional honors best employees for quarter
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Courtesy Photo Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility honors its Employees of the Quarter Melissa Ewing, Paul Cory and Tricia Ryan.

LARNED — The Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility conducted an Employee of the Quarter ceremony recently that honored employees Paul Cory, Melissa Ewing and Tricia Ryan.
Dominic Geniuk, LCMHF Awards Committee, hosted and welcomed guests to the ceremony.
LCMHF Warden Waddington welcomed guests to the ceremony and briefly spoke of the Employees of the Quarter.
Major James Graham presented COI Paul Cory with the Uniformed Employee of the Quarter award.
Cory’s nomination read, “No matter what needs to be done, COI Cory can always be counted on. When things get busy, COI Cory is always right in the middle of it, trying to get things done. He is respected by both staff and inmates.”
COI Cory began his career with LCMHF March 08, 2008. He is currently assigned as the clinic officer on the afternoon shift. COI Cory is a SORT member, mentor, and a great team player.
CSII Ron Bieberle presented Administrative Assistant Tricia Ryan with the Non-Uniform Employee of the Quarter award.
Ryan’s nomination read, “Mrs. Ryan is very organized with all of her duties, plus works very hard leading the Wellness Committee. She has always got a smile as she greets staff and is helpful when called for any issues pertaining to TRAIN or Wellness.”
Ryan began her career at LCMHF in May of 2007. She spent the first year supervising the laundry department before moving to her current position in the training department.
Behavioral Health Professional Elona Revers presented BHP Melissa Ewing with the Contract Employee of the Quarter award. Ewin has made an impact in a short period.
Ewing’s nomination read, “Ewing has come on board with Corizon and has accepted some very difficult tasks taking on E Unit. Melissa has accepted each and every task that has been thrown at her with a great sense of responsibility, pride and a positive outlook, always keeping the mental health of each inmate in mind. She is a joy to work with and a pleasure to be around.”
Ewing began her career with the Mental Health Department at LCMHF Feb. 18, 2014.
Warden Waddington spoke of upcoming events and had closing remarks.
Deputy Secretary of Corrections Johnnie Goddard, who was in attendance, spoke of upcoming changes regarding LCMHF. Refreshments were then provided by the LCMHF Awards Committee.
“Congratulations to the Employees of the Quarter,” Goddard said.