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Larned High Schools October Spotlight winners
paw OctoberLHSSpotlight
Pictured are the October "Spotlight" honorees at Larned High School, from left: Rachael Herter, Ben Wolf, Juan Ramirez and Danette Unruh. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Larned High School’s October Spotlight winners


Academics: Danette Unruh, Junior

Danette demonstrates an outstanding work ethic in the classroom and takes challenging classes with expectations of achieving academic excellence. She sets a goal and then does whatever it takes to attain it. Danette not only listens intently in class but also asks high-level questions in order to understand the concepts, which, in turn, fosters an environment for academic excellence. She not only works hard as an individual but also often takes charge of group activities, soliciting thoughts and ideas from the other students and valuing their input. Danette was just recently inducted into Larned High School’s Chapter of the National Honor Society. For these reasons and more, Danette is an excellent choice for the October spotlight in academics.

Athletics: Juan Ramirez, Junior

Athletic ability alone does not necessarily create success in the athletic arena. Hard work, perseverance, determination and the ability to accept guidance from coaches and experienced teammates often take the average athlete to the next level. Juan does not only possess these qualities, but he has also earned the privilege of competing at the state cross country meet this weekend. Having a lot on his plate this year — being a dual athlete at LHS this fall, playing football and running cross country, competing at the state level, traveling several times a week to participate in a club soccer team event, and helping our kids in the community recreation soccer program — Juan still works hard in the classroom and never complains about the commitment and work it takes to be a successful student-athlete. Juan not only is a positive representation of Larned High School but is also a perfect choice for the October spotlight in athletics.

Fine Arts: Rachael Herter, Sophomore

Gifts are meant to be shared, and Rachael not only possesses a true gift, but she also shares the gift in many ways at Larned High School. From being a part of the choir to acting in a small role in last year’s musical, Rachael’s ability to do what is asked of her for the betterment of the group has made her an invaluable member of the music department at Larned High School. Not only has Rachael recognized her gift, but she has worked hard to hone and polish it in order to achieve a higher vocal standard. Because of this commitment, Rachael attended the state vocal contest last year as a freshman, receiving a 1 rating, has recently earned a lead in the fall musical, and is a well-deserved choice for the October spotlight in fine arts.

Leadership/Service: Ben Wolf, Senior

A true service-oriented person also becomes a positive leader by example. Ben quietly performs a variety of services both in and out of the classroom without fanfare and without the need to be rewarded for his efforts. Ben voluntarily steps up to help with a variety of class and extracurricular activities, whether or not he belongs to that particular organization. Whether it’s being a positive role model in choir or helping out with the volleyball team, people can always count on him to lend a hand. The willingness to be a part of LHS without the need to gain something in return makes Ben a great choice for the October spotlight in leadership and service.