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Larned, Hoisington wrestlers compete at Pratt Tournament
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PRATT — Larned’s Kris Nolde (106), Hunter Fitzpatrick (113), Marcus Nolde (126), Jordan Drimmel (132), Jalen Kraisinger (138), Terron Dooley (170) and Edgar Garcia (285) competed at the Pratt tournament. Larned scored 41 points.
Hoisington High featured three champions — Chris Ball (152); Justin Bradley (220 and Landen Urban (285).
Ball defeated Wichita Northwest’s Justin Oneugbefor 1:33; Urban defated Wichita Northwest’s Jared Ross in 3:49. Bradley downed Liberal’s Payton Emery 3-1 in overtime.
Hoisington’s Tanner Cassity (126) finished second wirth a 12-8 loss to Wichita Northwest’s Tyler Marshall.
Team scores—1. Wichita NW 175.5; 2. Pratt 157.5; 3. Liberal 139.5; 4. Hoisington 109; 5. Buhler 102.5; Goddard Eisenhower 102.5; 7. Andale 74; 8. Augusta 71; 9. Chaparral 65; 10. Holcomb 58; 11. Ulysses 49.5; 12. Larned 41; 13. Nickerson 37.

106—Kris Nolde, L, pinned Nick Moreno, Uly, 1:05; Nolde pinned Ethan Wilson, Pratt, 3:26; 1st place—Seth Doud, Ellsworth, def. Nolde, 14-0  
113—Dylan Pelland, Pratt pinned Hunter Fitzpatrick, L, 4:39;  Fitzpatrick def. Juan Urbina, Uly, 10-8; Fitzpatrick def. Chris Chandler Holcomb, 9-4; Adrian Orozco, Liberal pinned Fitzpatrick (4-2), 2:40
126—Tyler Marshall, NW, pinned Marcus Nolde, L, 5:32; Nolde pinned Daniel Nieman, Andover, 2:43; Tanner Asper, Chaparral pinned Nolde (3-3), 1:45
132—Hustin Hershbeger, Buh, def. Jordan Drimmel, L, 16-0; Victor Peralta, Lib, def. Drimmel (2-2), 11-3
138-Jalen Kraisinger, L, pinned Chris Brown, NW, 3:28; Emmaneuel Peralta, Lib, pinned Kraisinger, 0:22; Dalton Prosser, Pratt pinned Kraisinger (3-3), 0:36
170—Chandler Eaton, Nick, def. Terron Dooley, L, 15-12;  Jeremy Breit, Hois, def. Dooley (2-2), 3-2
285—Elwin Trejo, Lib, pinned Edgar Garcia, L, 0:51; Garcia pinned Michael Shmucker, Andover, 4:15; Aaron Hernandez, Holcomb pinned Garcia (1-2), 0:40.

113—Adrian Orozco, Liberal pinned Carrier, H, 1:53, Nick Elliott, Buhler, pinned Carrier (0-2), 4:05
126—Tanner Cassity, H, def. Juan Beltran, Lib, 8-5; def. Tanner Asper, Chaparral, 16-9; 1st place—Tyler Marshall, NW, def. Cassity (3-1), 12-8
132—Josh Moore, Aug, pinned Dustin Edmondson, H, 2:16, Zak Anderson, Uly, def. Edmondson (0-2), 5-2
152—Chris Ball, H, pinned Jadon Koehler, Pratt, 0:28; Ball pinned Miguel Gerber, Chaparral, 4:15; Ball pinned Collin Dwornicki, Eisenhower, 1:30; 1st place—Ball (4-0) pinned Justin Onwugbufor, NW, 1:33
160—Eann Ellingson, Eisenhower pinned Sean Urban, H, 9-0; Urban def. Kaler Gilbert, Uly; 5-2; Urban def. Nik Garcia, Lib, 12-1; Chance Rodriguez, Holcomb, def. Urban, 9-0
170—Adam Baker, NW, def. Jeremy Breit, H, 3-1; Breit def. Terron Dooley, Larned, 3-2; Breit def. Monarez, Lib, 1-0; Dowell, Buhler def. Breit (2-2), 7-2
182—Justin Lamastch, Pratt def. Ben Schneider, H, 2-0; Schneider def. Kaden Everett, Uly, 4-1; Cameron Yale, NW, def. Schneider (1-2), 3-0
195—Adrian Gerber, Chap, pinned Austin McHenry, H, 4:38; McHenry def. Victos Monarrez, Lib, 4-3; McHenry pinned Jesse Clark, Aug, 4:36. Noah Ornelas, NW, def. McHenry, 6-4
220—Justin Bradley, H, pinned Garrett Bridwell, NW, 0:24; Bradley pinned Chance Shull, Nick, 3:49; 1st place—Bradley (3-0) def. Payton Emery, Lib, 3-1, OT 285—Landen Urban, H, pinned Seth Simmons, Pratt, 0:32; Urban pinned Aaron Hernandez, Holcomb, 0:38; Urban pinned Elwin Trejo, Lib, 1:06; 1st place—Urban (4-0) pinned Jared Ross, NW, 3:49.