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Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility meets
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LARNED — The Larned Juvenile Correctional Facility Advisory Council met Aug. 2. Shelia Rodriguez, LJCF administrative assistant, has submitted minutes of the meeting.
LJCF guests included Senator Allen Schmidt, Will Tice, facility specialist, James Hanson, JCO I, Bryan Horton, JCO I, Matthew Houston, JCO I, Phil Sharp, JCO I and Sarah Bates, JCO I.
Employees-of-the Quarter
• LJCF Superintendent Kyle Rohr recognized Will Tice, facility specialist; and James Hanson, JCO I.
• There were no promotions during the past quarter. However, Sgt. Pflughoeft will be assuming the night shift Lieutenant’s duties effective Aug. 7.
New Employees
• Recognition was given to new employees of the quarter: Christina Shepherd, administrative specialist, human resources; Lloyd David, Bryan Horton, Traci Keith, Kyle Doerfler, Octavio Gonzalez, Robin King, Jeanette Moore, Allan Stokes, Kevin Weaver, Sarah Bates, Phil Sharp, and Matthew Houston, all JCO I.
LJCF Events
• A presentation was given by Scott Gregory and friends of the Great Bend Zoo at Brit Spaugh Park.
• JCO graduation was held May 20. Commissioner Curtis Whitten and Deputy Commissioner Dennis Casarona attended as we recognize the following staff:
• Chris Suppes, Ethan Thomas, James Hanson, Jason Parson, Kent Bowersox, Michael Moore, Miguel Ibarra, Shelia Stiers and William Huff.
• On June 3, 2011, guest speaker David Gilkey, employed by the Wichita Urban League, addressed gang issues and told his life story to the youth residents.
• On June 4, 2011, a Tri-Agency Softball Tournament was held. LJCF placed third in the tournament out of six teams. The winning team was “Wii Not Fit,” from LCMHF.
• On June 14, 2011, the Kansas Cosmosphere gave a demonstration on building and launching a rocket, and talked about the science behind it for the high level youth residents.
• On June 19, 2011 a presentation was given by Trooper Knoefel of the Kansas Highway Patrol.
• During the May/June school break, the youth residents played games on the units and had a softball tournament. The AT department plan events to keep the youth busy during the school breaks.
• On July 6, 2011, a Red, White and Blue Potluck for staff was held and the edible fruit arrangement was won by JCO I Brent Boese.
• Re-Entry Program: Tom Snyder, Anita Ellison and Casey Cloninger traveled to Wichita for a number of meetings to discuss youth re-entry into the communities, helping establish a better way of communicating with resources outside of the LJCF. They are trying to close the gap for released youth by helping with employment and education.
Deputy Superintendent
• Wendy Leiker, deputy superintendent, reports LJCF is coming up with events to keep the youth occupied, such as a salsa contest. Advisory members may be invited to judge, as we have done in the past with the chili cook-offs.
• Several staff attended the “Get Motivated” seminar, which was recently held in Wichita.
• The number of use of force and DRs are still down, but went up some in July.
Westside School
• Deputy Superintendent Wendy Leiker reported for absentee Principal Casey Cloninger.
• Graduation was held in May with guest speaker JJA commissioner Curtis Whitten. Five welding certificates, 13 manufacturing certificates, seven GEDs, and eight diplomas were earned.
• Working with Barton County College developing skills for when the youth are released with: Business Administrative Technology, Business-Career and Transfer, Business Management and Leadership, Medical Coding, Medical Transcriptionist and Technical Accounting.
• New staff at Westside include LouAnn Barker, counselor; Shanda Perez, secretary; and Karen Gore, librarian who will start in the fall.
Juvenile Corrections Director
• Gerald Jenisch, juvenile corrections director, said LJCF has hired several new officers, which should help reduce the overtime.
• With the help of LCMHF, LJCF is working on getting razor wire on the fence.
• LJCF will install a metal detector, which indicates locations on the youth’s person, where contraband may be hidden.