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Larned selects May Spotlight students
LHS May Spotlight Selections
Larned High School has selected its May Spotlight students from left, Tristan Smith, Fine Arts; Dorothy Keenan, Leadership/Service; Landon Erway, Academics; and Colton Massey, Athletics. - photo by Photo by JANET FLESKE

LARNED — Larned High School has selected its May Spotlight students — Tristan Smith, Fine Arts;  Dorothy Keenan, Leadership/Service; Landon Erway, Academics; and Colton Massey,  Athletics.

Tristan Smith, sr.
Fine Arts
Tristan Smith is an important part of the drama department at LHS, creating memorable roles and attacking them with equal importance.
He also is an outstanding student in fine arts and graphic design.
According to Wendy Sundahl, the Larned High School art instructor, Tristan is one of the most exceptionally talented students she has instructed.
“He pushes himself beyond the standard criteria, places very high standards on his artwork and craftsmanship, and is working at the ability level of a college junior or senior art major,” Mrs. Sundahl said.
Other students look to him as their inspiration and artistic mentor and his modesty about his talent allows his artwork to speak for itself. His exceptional talent and his desire to continue to never be satisfied with anything less than the best are all good reasons for naming Tristan as the May Spotlight in Fine Arts.

Dorothy Keenan, jr.
For many, the act of serving is only done when one expects a personal reward. However, a true servant is someone who sees a need and works to fill that need with a selfless and caring attitude.
When Dorothy Keenan commits to helping those in need, she is truly committed. Whether it’s serving her class as president or encouraging participation in a new organization, Dorothy works tirelessly to make someone’s day a little brighter.
She’s active in several organizations and will serve as president of FBLA and National Honor Society her senior year. She seeks out ways in which to serve on a consistent basis, checking in with advisers and other officers to see what she can do in order to make the activity a success.
Dorothy holds herself to very high standards, conducts her life with integrity and pushes herself to do her best. Dorothy’s ability to lead and to serve with a generous and compassionate heart makes her an ideal choice for the May Spotlight in Leadership/Service.

Landon Erway, sr.
Landon Erway is seriously focused on being successful in the classroom, not only for the grade but, more importantly, for truly understanding and learning the concepts that will enhance his learning in the future.
Whether a core class or an elective, he intends to reach academic excellence so that he will achieve his future academic goals. Although Landon is involved in many activities, he understands that his classwork comes first.
Landon has learned the importance of time management, reaching out for help when it is needed, and making positive contributions to the class. Because Landon is committed to his academic goals, he has been a member of National Honor Society two years and is an outstanding choice for the May Spotlight in Academics.

Colton Massey, jr.
The dictionary defines an athlete as “a person trained or gifted in exercise or contests involving physical agility, mental discipline, and who participates in a sport requiring physical skill.”
Those are the basic requirements, but a true athlete also possesses a good work ethic, the ability to actually achieve success, the desire to be coachable, and the determination to do everything completely correct and to the best of his or her ability.
Colton Massey meets those requirements, but often rises above them to complete the goal.
Colton has been an integral part of the Indian golf team and leads by example at practices and during competitions with character and class.
The two-time state golf qualifier has placed first in six tournaments in which he has competed. He is ranked No. 1 in the Class 3A state golf rankings. Because of his tenacity to improve, his intense competitive nature, and his respect for the game, Colton is a perfect choice for the May Spotlight in Athletics.