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Pawnee Annie finds interest in sporting events
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By Pawnee Annie

I am married to a human basketball/football head!
My guy is totally in his element when he is broadcasting, writing, watching, studying, reading about, SPORTS.
I know for a fact that he missed his calling! He should have been a coach, or some profession associated with sports.
But, thanks to him, I have become “sort of” a fan too. I say, “sort of” because I enjoy watching but cannot always discern the finer points of the game. I don’t know as much as my female friends who talk Sports. I don’t even TRY to measure up with Fred!
My female, “girly-girl” mind loves the extra-environmental action..the stuff that makes this column “A Woman’s View.”
We attended a Kansas State basketball game last week. Yes, I watched the game. But I didn’t “observe” the game. There’s a difference.
No, I watched everything else. Women, don’t let your men go to big time ballgames alone. There’s plenty of entertainment, and WE are multi-taskers to the MAX! We gals can watch the game, and watch the other stuff, like hairdos and fashions.
It’s fun.
First, the players.
Those big guys have muscles like I cannot believe! The muscles are covered with tattoos, and I wonder when I watch how much pain and discomfort each guy had to endure while having someone poke a needle over and over. I also wonder what those tats cost!
I focus on the band. I noticed this time that the Wildcat Song “Wabash Cannonball” pep band was mainly brass instruments. I had never noticed that before. The sound was mainly all brass, and they swung those instruments back and forth in time with the music. I poked Fred to tell him to watch, but he acted like he didn’t hear me. He was watching basketball!
The cheerleaders are a great watch also. Our credentials gave us seats down on the floor, one table behind the “big shots,” -- large newspapers, TV commentators.
The dance team was directly in front of us, and they never stopped working the crowd or doing cool dances during the TV break. I know Fred noticed them somewhat because they sometimes had their backs to us and they wiggled in time with the cheer. But, I also noticed him stretching to look around them more than I would think, unless he was faking!
I noticed every dance step, the routines they did, and how they wear their hair. They are very attractive girls. They are the same height, same weight, and all have long hair. When I tried to explain this to Fred, he ignored me. I don’t think he heard me either. He was keyed in on the game!
The graduate assistants are another attraction. Dennan Morrow, the son of Wayne Morrow, is working on his master’s degree. Dennan stands near the bench with the others and they keep stats and help the coaches. Sharp bunch of guys! He was in Hawaii with the team several weeks previous. Fred noticed him on TV and pointed him out.
The student fans get warmed up even before the game begins. While the starting five of the opposing team is announced, the students open newspapers in front of their faces, and make like they are reading them. I wondered why there were piles of older “Manhattan Mercury” newspapers in the lobby on the table!
Then when the lights go down, the rhythmic, booming music begins, and the spotlight searches the floor, the introduction of the Wildcats begins. Fred and I agreed that this is an emotional, and groovy way to introduce the starting line up. It’s almost overload, but very impressive. The student body goes wild. I love it! But by now, Fred is waiting for the game to begin. He is something of a purist!
I learned something at the last game I attended as press. If I cheer for the home team, I am regarded by the press officials (in charge) as dirty underwear, sin beyond repentance, and “shame, shame on me!” No, the privilege of sitting there with the press means working, not cheering!
I had to sit on my hands a few times. I “almost” couldn’t help myself, but I made it. Imagine having an official of the school point at me and banish me to the press room back in the catacombs. Everyone would see and Fred would notice me then!!
I’m still learning, but I’d say that it’s a well worth it experience to go to a college game. And women, there’s plenty for us there too, even basketball!

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