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Pawnee commissioners author letter to citizens
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Dear People of Pawnee County,
This open letter was written to address a false rumor concerning our Pawnee Valley Community Hospital (PVCH, Inc.).
We will address several items about your hospital.
First and foremost you the citizens of Pawnee County DO own the physical building and ALL the equipment in both the hospital and the clinic.
The Pawnee County Commission has previously determined that considerable cost savings and efficiency could be achieved in meeting the ever increasing demands of modem healthcare by affiliating with an existing, financially sound medical organization, such as Hays Medical Center, Inc. (HaysMed).
Therefore, the Pawnee County Commission originally entered into an Affiliation Agreement for the operation of our hospital facility and its equipment with Hays Medical Center, Inc., on Feb. 24, 2010.
 Because of the tremendous support the citizens of Pawnee County have shown toward Pawnee Valley Community Hospital and in no small part because of the management of your hospital pursuant to the Affiliation Agreement with HaysMed, your hospital has operated in the black every month since July 2010.
This past July, 2014 our hospital had an income from operations of $96,537.
PVCH, Inc., currently has the equivalent of 165 days of operation with cash and cash equivalents on hand. This is OUTSTANDING for a hospital of this size. We had 299 total patient days in the hospital in July compared to 166 a year ago: Outpatient visits and clinic visits totaled 5040 in July and last year outpatient’s visits totaled 4,496.
Today, we employ 98 full-time employees compared to 83 last year.
All-in-all, Pawnee Valley Community Hospital is a huge success and contributes greatly to our local economy. This positive news is a direct result of the faith our community members had that Pawnee County could support its own hospital.
This success is because you the citizens of Pawnee County utilize our clinic and hospital, because of our exceptional staff, many who stayed committed to patient care during uncertain times and because of the exceptional management services which are provided by HaysMed.
We thank you for your time.

God Bless Pawnee County,
Pawnee County
Kathy Bowman, Donna Pelton, John C. Haas