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Sanger started seeing patients Monday at clinic near hospital
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Bryce Young, chief operating officer, and Bill Overbey, chief financial oficer, both of Hays Medical Center, told Pawnee County commissioners at their Oct. 18 meeting that Dr. David Sanger, M.D., would begin seeing patients on Monday, Nov. 1, at the Pawnee Valley Clinic near Pawnee Valley Community Hospital. They also gave commissioners an update about the mobile nuclear stress testing, the MRI, lab, patient and employee surveys and scheduled health fairs.

They also discussed a public building commission. Commissioners approved purchase of 12 recliners for patient rooms from Tabler Furniture for $939.98 each.

After Overbey and Young left the meeting, commissioners discussed the local audit by a CPA and financial reports.

Also at the Oct. 18 meeting, commissioners signed a Blue Cross/Blue Shield contract to provide a flexible benefits plan, administrative services, HIPAA designation form, and a flexible benefits plan premium conversion plan schedule. BC/BS is the health insurance carrier for county employees.

Commissioners also:

• Approved refunding to Larned State Hospital $35 rent paid for use of Camp Pawnee on Sept. 29.

• Signed a Camp Pawnee hold-harmless agreement with the state Department of Corrections, which was to be sent to the Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility to obtain the warden’s signature.

• Approved Commissioner Kathy Bowman to be Pawnee County’s voting delegate for both KCAMP (the county’s insurance pool) and the Kansas Association of Counties.

• Received an update on county roads from Kurt Demel, county highway administrator. He and they also discussed the MRI unit at the hospital’s elevation.

• Had a 45-minute closed session with County Attorney John Settle and later, a 10-minute one with Settle and Matt Heyn, administrator at Pawnee Valley Community Hospital.

Sheriff Scott King presented two bids for repairing a vehicle of his department that had been in an accident. The decision, in consultation with KCAMP, was to "total" the vehicle and KCAMP would send a check for $11,475. King presented three quotes from Al Hanken Motors for a GMC truck. Commissioners approved the lowest quote, for a heavy-duty GMC, four-wheel-drive truck for $29,689.60. The sheriff was to reimburse the Equipment Fund for the vehicle, minus the KCAMP claim for $11,475.

Commissioners approved Chairman Arlis Atteberry’s signing the check during that week, when the vehicle and check were ready.