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Welcome Inn Notes
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Activities Oct. 27-Nov. 2
Free Yoga Class — Monday 11 a.m. A 30-minute class taught by Jill Hutchins, certified instructor. There is a $2 fee for each individual to participate.
Coffee Time — Tuesday 9:30 a.m. Bring food to share, or just show up.
Halloween — Friday. Have a spooktacular day!
Mexican Train (dominoes game)  Every day following lunch. Come play with us.
The Welcome Inn is located at 113 W. 4th. Call The Welcome Inn, 620-285-3504. Any questions, call Roger Haberman, 620-285-6697.
Tuesday — Gary and Betty Hulsey
Friday — Clarence and Emma Jones
Thursday — Randy Morell
Friday — Kenneth Eye
Thoughts to Ponder
• I tried to catch some fog. I mist.
• When chemists die, they barium.
• Jokes about German sausage are the wurst.
• I know a guy who is addicted to brake fluid. He says he can stop any time
• How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it.