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What's New at Jordaan Library?
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LARNED — Jordaan Memorial Library’s Book Club will meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday, April 19, in the Cummins Room. The April theme is “Embracing the Outdoors.”
The featured books will be grilling and gardening. Members are encouraged to bring along the book they are currently reading or share an old favorite. They may discover a new author.
New picture books
Miss Lina’s eight ballerinas dance all around the town in four rows of two.
When a ninth girl is introduced the dance  group steps become a mess.  “Miss Lina’s Ballerinas” by Grace Maccarone is about teamwork and friendship.
Anna Loved to read. Emily loved to dance. Nicole loved to play soccer. Bitsy loved to paint.  When the teacher assigns a book report.  Anna takes her friends to the library to find a book. Each one finds the perfect book in “The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza” by Laura Numeroff.
“Emma’s Dilemma: Big Sister Poems” by Kristine O’Connell George is a child’s view being a sister.  An intriguing look at the joys and pitfalls of being a big sister.  Delightful illustrations.
“Mama Why?” by Karma Wilson features a curious little polar bear asking questions about the stars and moon on a cold Arctic night. His mother takes him on an imaginary trip around the world.  The illustrations are in soft shades of blue and white.
“If You’re Hoppy” by April Pulley Sayre is a new version of an old song that features animals.  A hoppy frog, sloppy hog, growly bear and a flappy bird are just a few of the characters.
New children’s books
Clementine is having a disastrous week.  It started when she was sent to the principal’s office because she cut off Margaret’s hair.  Another trip to the principal’s office and by Saturday even her mother is mad at her.  Read “Clementine” by Sara Pennypacker to find out what happens next.
Twelve year old Will dreamed of being a drummer for the Union Army but that was before the Confederate soldiers occupied his hometown, Gettysburg, Penn.  When the battle starts Will discovers war is much more gruesome than he imagined. When a colonel entrusts Will with a message he has a difficult decision in Will at the “Battle of Gettysburg 1863” by Laurie Caulkhoven.