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Preventative maintenance
City seeking organizations to help with property care pic
Shown is an example of a yard wit overgrown vegetation. The city is seeking information from organizations in Great Bend willing to help needy residents with yard and property maintenance. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

Austin LaViolette wants to hear from folks in Great Bend willing to help fellow residents with mowing and other property maintenance issues. He serves as the city’s property maintenance enforcement manager and knows there is a need for such assistance.

“The City of Great Bend would like to invite any charitable or community service groups in the city or surrounding areas to discuss with us opportunities, programs, and any help that could be provided to our residents regarding city ordinance compliance,” he said. “The Property Maintenance Division would like to gather information on these services to aid residents who don’t have the means or ability to achieve this, via mowing, clean up, etc.”

This idea really didn’t come from the number of mowing complaints the city receives, he said. “Everyone has the ability to contact a lawn service agency.”

Instead “what I am trying to do is educate myself, and in doing so others, on what opportunities are out there for individuals I come across who want to gain compliance, whether it be mowing, trash clean up, or whatever, but just don’t have the means to do it,” LaViolette said. Age, mobility, disability and other overwhelming factors that can hinder a person’s ability to handle such work, allowing the problem to  escalate to the level of a complaint.

Now, he wants to keep things from getting this far. “I want to be able to put these citizens in contact with people who might be able to assist them,” he said.

Anyone who is in the position to help can contact LaViolette to discuss opportunities and services they can provide at the Public Works office at 525 Morton, or by phone at 620-793-4150 or email at