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Professional voice actors visit Barton Theatre class online
Corina Boettger
Corina Boettger

Barton Theatre Director Miller James hails from California and has acted professionally in a variety of settings and is now using some of his contacts to liven up his classes now that they are being delivered virtually. His acting students will have the pleasure of hearing from two professional voice-over (VO) actresses, Amanda Terman and Corina Boettger this week.

James said he wanted to show his students that it is important to have a variety of ways they can find work.

“There are many opportunities to use acting skills online,” he said. “VO actors work on projects such as commercials, book readings, radio spots and animation voice work. These two actors have done all of these and more. I have directed both in theatrical shows in California and I am so pleased that they are taking time out to talk with our Barton acting classes.”

Terman said there are a lot of great aspects to pursuing VO work.

“From a day-to-day life perspective, I like that VO keeps me busier because I get dozens and dozens of auditions per day, as opposed to just a few for on-camera,” she said. “I also enjoy that the work is mostly done during normal business hours.”

Boettger noted some other things she views as positive benefits of VO acting.

“In on-camera or theater acting, it matters how I look,” she said. “It doesn’t matter how good of an actor I am if I don’t physically look like the character. In voice acting, I can be any character my voice will let me, so I get to play a lot more with my characters and take on different types of performances.”

Boettger encouraged aspiring actors to learn about all aspects of the industry.

“Take a business class,” she said. “Acting is fun but it is also a business and if you don’t know how to read your contracts and understand them, that could be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to speak up and stand up for yourself. Keep at it. If this is really what you want to do, you will have some low points but you have to keep moving forward.”

Both actresses said they were happy to help Miller with his class.

“Miller has always had my back as an actor, so I wanted to return the favor and I really like to teach acting,” Boettger said. “I coach people on a regular basis because I love acting and teaching means I get to talk about what I love.”

“I love meeting other artists and Miller is one of my favorite theater friends,” Terman said.

Terman lives in Cleveland, Ohio and has performed in theater, film and an improv comedy troupe. As a voice actress, her work can be heard internationally in commercials, films and audiobooks. Visit for more information. 

Boettger started acting as a child and now lives in Los Angeles. She has had roles in “The Mick” and “My Name is Earl.” You can hear her voice in shows like “Sailor Moon,” “One Punch Man,” and “Trolls: The Beat Goes on.” Visit for more information.

For more information about Barton Community College theater classes, contact James at or call 620-792-9205. 

Amanda Terman
Amanda Terman