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Sheriffs Office watching intersection north of Great Bend
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The Barton County Sheriffs Office is conducting special enforcements at this intersection north of Great Bend after traffic safety changes were made. The corner has been the scene of two high-profile crashes recently. - photo by Tribune file photo

 Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir told the Barton County Commission Monday morning his deputies have been running selective enforcement at the North Washington/30 Road intersection. This junction has been the scene of two serious crashes recently and the topic of much discussion.

The sheriff said his officers have issued 10-12 tickets, most of which were for speeding. Others have been for stop sign violations.

The deputies are working this special patrols in during their other duties and will continue to monitor the intersection for another couple of weeks, Bellendir said.

Following the fatal crash that killed 18-year-old Shealee A. Stover on April 17, a number of changes were made at the corner. Then, on June 11, Francis Haberman, 91, was seriously injured when his pickup was struck by a trash truck.

New, larger, 48-inch stop signs, larger “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs and larger “Stop Ahead” signs, all with ultra-high grade reflectivity, were installed. The speed limit was also amended, extending the 45 mph zone a half mile north of the corner. Prior to the change, the speed limit on Washington jumped from 45 miles per hour south of 30 Road to 55 north of it.  

The same new speed also applies to 30 Road a half mile west of the corner and from the corner east to U.S. 281.

Additional rumble strips were also installed on 30 Road.

There had been calls to make the intersection a four-way stop.