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Voters can check registration info online
Advance voting for Nov. 7 election still available
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Election officials are reminding Barton County voters they can still vote early, and that they can check their registration status prior to heading to the polls. - photo by Tribune file photo

Barton County Election Officer Donna Zimmerman encourages all voters to be prepared when they cast their votes in the Nov. 7 general election, and wants folks to know they can still vote prior to the Tuesday balloting.

Zimmerman said residents can check out Voter View to see if they are registered to vote, where their polling place is and to see a sample ballot. 

When at, go the “Upcoming elections” drop-down menu and select a county. The next election will be listed.

In addition, the site includes registration information, including party affiliation, precinct and ward data and the voter’s polling place. It lists federal, state and local offices for which the voter is eligible to vote, as well as his or her voting history.

One can search under the “Registration Information” tab by entering their county, name and birth date. This gives all the information above, plus a link to a sample ballot.

Or, search under “Polling Place” by entering a house number, street name and ZIP code. This yields polling place options and the list of federal, state and local offices for which one is eligible to vote, but there is no link to a ballot sample.

Advance voting

Advanced ballots are still available for the city/school/hospital election, Zimmerman said. Any registered voter may contact the County Clerk’s Office by phone or in person for an application for an advanced voting ballot, but anyone requesting an advanced ballot must first provide photo ID.

Below are the guidelines: 

• Signed applications may be delivered to the County Clerk’s Office, or faxed to 620-793-1990. Upon receipt of a qualified application, the advanced ballot will be provided. 

But, an elector cannot apply for a ballot for another voter. An application for an advanced ballot for someone who is sick/disabled/illiterate may be filed during the regular advanced ballot application period until the close of polls on the day of the election. Those who are sick or disabled may still download a application from the Barton County website, (click: Departments>Elections>Advance Vote).

Affidavits of Assistance forms are available to assist another elector in the application and voting processes. 

• Voters can cast ballots in the County Clerk’s Office through noon on the day preceding the general election (Monday, Nov. 6). 

• If returning an advanced ballot in person, the ballot must be returned to the county election officer before the close of the polls on election day. The advanced ballot may now also be delivered to the elector’s polling location. 

• If returning by mail, a ballot must be postmarked on or before election day and received on or before the Friday following the election. This is also new this year. 

The Clerk’s Office will be closed the Friday after the election, but mail will be picked up on that day.

• Ballots will not be counted until election day. Advance ballots received after the election will be counted along with the provisional ballots in the vote canvass.

Deadlines include:

• Monday, Nov. 6 (noon): Deadline for voters to vote advanced ballots in person in the Office of the County Clerk/Election Officer.

• Tuesday, Nov. 7: Deadline for sick/disabled/illiterate voters to apply for an advanced voting ballot.

• Tuesday, Nov. 7: (NEW) Advanced ballots must be returned to the County Clerk’s Office or polling place before 7 p.m. If returning by mail, a ballot must be postmarked by election day and received on or before the Friday following the election.

For more information, contact the County Clerk’s Office, 620-793-1835.