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Ellinwood Municipal Court - Jan. 24
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Taylor Combs, exhibition of Speed, fine $75, court costs $58.50
Taylor Combs, expired tag, fine $45
Taylor Combs, no insurance, continued to March 14
Lynette Barragan, improper backing, fine $45, court costs $58.50
Kyle Fistler, no insurance, continued to March 28
Cassie Scheuerman, battery domestic violence, fine $250, court costs $58.50
David Roach, battery domestic violence, pled not guilty
Robin Armstrong, fail to yield, fine $75, court costs $58.50
Nicholas Kramer, violation of court order protection, continued
Andrew Tucker, battery, fine $250, court costs $58.50
Andrew Tucker, battery, fine $250
Ashley Kroulik, no proof of insurance, fine $800
Angela Jury, driving while suspended, fine $500, court costs $58.50
Amber Shuler, theft, continued to Feb. 14
Linda Fernandez, criminal damage to property, fine $700, court costs $56.00