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Great Bend Municipal Court
January convictions and fines
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Summar Aguilera, driving while suspended/revoked, fail to yield at stop sign, $376

Maria A. Armendariz, no driver license, no proof of insurance, $626

Thania Sarahi Armendariz, no proof of insurance, speeding 21 mph over, $440

Jessica Shelby Baray, no proof of insurance, $451

Heather Amanda Battaglear, unlawful hosting minor/alcohol, $676.66

Lavera Ethel Beard, improper driving on laned road, $111

Daune Ann Beckman, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $1,161

Melody R. Bittel, vehicle license; illegal tags, $161

Derek J. Black, noise complaint, $111

Brandon Lynn Bonham, unlawful use of weapons. $226

Courtney Deshawn Bryant Sr., obstruct legal process, no driver license, $411

Shayna L. Campbell, improper backing, $111

Tiffany D. Carr, unauthorized minor, $161

Abram Daniel Delgadillo, inattentive driving, $111

Zachariah Martin Dittrick, speeding 15 mph over, $106

Zachariah Martin Dittrick, driving while suspended/revoked, $1,076

Kristina M. Drewing, fail to yield at stop sign, $111

Jackie Fletcher, parking in front yard prohibited, $111

Benjamin Ray Folk, throwing objects, $161

Terri Gorney, dog at large, $648.06

Lori J. Grauerholz, speeding 14 mph over, $103

Vanity Dawn Gruber, no proof insurance, $376

Angel Adrian Gutierrez, no proof insurance, $376

April Mae Hart, battery, $531

Angela Elizabeth Henry, no proof insurance, $711

Hannah Ruth Herres, barking dog, $111

Julie A. Hood, speeding 15 mph over, $106

Michelle Ann Horton, theft, $299

Susan Nora Hughes, no driver license, improper turn or approach, $571

Kirk Alan Jackson, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol, $176

Fiona Jean Kline-Martin, inattentive driving, $111

Virgil F. Kober Jr., speeding 15 mph over-school zone, $126

Kimberly Dawn Long, no proof insurance, $376

Kenneth Charles Kristope Lyon, speeding 16 mph over, $190

Gibram Madrid-Sanches, no driver license, $406

Rose E. Magie, violations of restrictions, $161

Pablo Martinez, dog at large, $111

Mercedes Ann Mater, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol, battery against law enforcement officer, $61

Mercedes Ann Mater, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol, $61

Jesse James McNett, violate traffic control signal, $111

Hilda Mendoza, no driver license, $381

Jared Mathew Mitchell, no driver license, $326

Jenny Lynn Naab, no driver license in possession, $323

William Norris, vehicle license; illegal tags, $111

Sharon A. Osborne, violate traffic control signal, $111

Treaschelle Pennell, duty to report accident, $386

Saul F. Pereales, dog at large, $111

Adam Perez, theft, $456

Hollie Leanne Pope, speeding 22 mph over, $341

James Lee Powell, theft, $311

Joan R. Rainbolt, violate traffic control signal, $111

Mark Allen Reames, no driver license, $176

Danielle M. Reed, improper driving on laned road, $111

Donna S. Rine, dog at large, vicious dog, $211

Epifania Rivera, dog at large, $111

Amy Rachael Robinson, prescription by fraud, $275

Angela Marie Rodriguez, dog at large, $111

Rebeca Romero-Pineda, no driver license, $326

Benita Madrid Sanchez, no driver license, $461

Scottie Lee Schmidt, no proof of insurance, $376

Bernard A. Schneweis, fail to yield/approaching left, $111

Glenda Irene Short, inattentive driving, no proof of insurance, $1,326

Nicole LeeAnn Smith, no proof of insurance, $376

Roger L. Smith, fail to yield at stop sign, $111

Christopher Scott Stamm, battery, $291

Eric Matthew Steinert, improper turn or approach, $111

Shelby L. Stoppel, speeding 12 mph over, $97

Doyle Robert Stout, driving while suspended/revoked, $406

Sammy J. Stremel, improper backing, $111

Ronald W. Tammen, vehicle license; illegal tags, $91

Alicia Thurman, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $192

Leona L. Werner, improper turn or approach, $111

Natasha Ryan Wilkinson, seat belts (18 and older), $10

Austin Daniel Alexander Wood, battery domestic violence, $61

Steven Ray Wornkey Jr., disorderly conduct, $111

Ana G. Zuniga, inattentive driving, $111


Total number of defendants, 74; total number of offenses, 85