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Great Bend Municipal Court, August 2018 Convictions and Fines

Fritzgerald Alexis, improper turn or approach, $132.50

Tonya Renee Andrews, seat belts (18 and older), $92.50

Cheryl Lynn Arruda, follow to close, $132.50

Nichole Marie Batchman, inattentive driving, $132.50

Gilbert Berryman II, theft, $1,547.50

Charles Raymond Bowers Jr., defective headlamps, no drivers license, $397.50

Tammy Renee Brown, criminal trespass, $332.50

Jessica Kay Buess, no rabies vaccination, $182.50

Christopher David Caton, obstruct legal process, $347.50

Roberto Cervantes, no drivers license, $672.50

Chasity Ann Chaney, driving while suspended/revoked, violation/interlock device, $547.50

Roy Lee Cline, criminal damage to property-domestic violence, $297.50

Lucas Martin Cropp, defective headlamps, $132.50

Sara Marie Deiser, violate traffic control signal, $132.50

Timothy Aaron Delgado, driving under the influence, refuse preliminary breath test, improper driving on laned road, $882.50

Corey Robert Detter, battery, $785

Brian Marshall Doty, no proof insurance, $397.50

Kurt Patrick Douglas, inattentive driving, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $182.50

James B. Drury, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, defective tail lamps, $1,212.50

Carlos Espino-Nunez, driving while suspended/revoked, $347.50

Corey Jay Farr, defective tag light, $132.50

Steven Michael Fortner, driving while suspended/revoked, $1,077.50

Christian Guerrero, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $647.50

Jacob A. Hass, vehicle license; illegal tags, $112.50 

Pamela Kay Haston, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $132.50

Curtis Hickel, parking disabled and other vehicle, $25

Jacob Lynn Hoch, obstructed control over stolen property, $1,030

Hope Noel Huslig, improper backing, $132.50

Ryan James Jaske driving while suspended/revoked, $347.50

Michael Jay Jenknson, inattentive driving, $132.50

Patricia A. Johnson, inattentive driving, $132.50

Donald Jeffery Jones, fail to yield from private drive, $132.50

Ian Allen Jump, park/stand/stop prohibited area, improper parking, $50

Lori Jean Kempinski, theft, $815.18

Lor Jean Kempinski, inattentive driving, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, no proof insurance, $1,167.50

Adrainna Nicole Kennedy, criminal trespass, $182.50

Denise R. Klima, fail to yield from private drive, $132.50

Dale L. Klug, follow too close, $112.50

Seth Jamal Leech, dog at large, $132.50

John James Lehman, inattentive driving, $132.50

Marvin Allen Lewis Jr., battery domestic violence, $852.50

Jesus Auden Leyva Jr., driving while suspended/revoked, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol, $902.50

Jesus Auden Leyva Jr., no proof insurance, accident involving personal injury, $562.50

Concepcion Z. Lucio-Ramirez, no driver’s license, $347.50

Jerome Thomas Maravilla, battery domestic violence, $820

Christopher Daniel Maser, speeding 11 mph over, $115.50

Dustin Robert Mead, improper riving on laned road, $132.50

Ryan Christopher Morrison, no proof insurance, $397.40

Cameron R. Murray, improper turn or approach, $132.50

Okechukwu Nwachuka-Udaku, speeding up to 10 mph over, $112.50

Melbra James Orr, giving a false alarm, $274.50

Phillip Kyle Otten, defective tail lamps, $112.50

Hannah Jasmine Perales, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50

Diana Prado-Castro, no driver’s license, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, $697.50

Meryl Jane Ramirez, driving while suspended/revoked, use of one-way glass, $397.50

Sandra Leticia Reyes, unauthorized minor, $302.50

Elizabeth Rocha, no driver’s license, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, $697.50

Nancy Isabel Salcido-Moncada, no drivers license, $692.50

Nancy Isabel Salcido-Moncada, no drivers license, $667.50

Jessica Marie Schenkel, driving under the influence, illegal transportation of liquor, driving while suspended/revoked, improper driving on laned road, $3,072.50

Jessica Marie Schenkel, driving while suspended/revoked, $972.50

Daniel E. Thomas, driving without lights/needed, $112.50

Andrew Paul Tucker, driving while suspended/revoked, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, drive left of center, $592.50

Andrew Paul Tucker, obstruct legal process, $272.50

Max Maynard Unruh, fail to yield from private drive, $132.50

Michael Joe Wheeler, battery domestic violence, $397.50

Kirk Alan Zecha, battery, $262.50