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Great Bend Municipal Court August 2019 convictions
on the record
OTR for Aug. 22, 2016

Great Bend Municipal Court August 2019 convictions

Kayleigh Alley-Gonering, no proof insurance

Kayleigh Alley-Gonering, theft

Ryan Allen Aumiller, inattentive driving

Evelyn Beltz, improper driving on laned road

Kelly J. Brack, fail to yield approaching left

Ruby Ann Bujanda, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Jaylan Cartwright, criminal damage to property

Jaylan Cartwright, no proof insurance, no driver’s license, fail to yield at stop sign

Ricardo Castro, duty to give information/aid, battery domestic violence

Claudio Chavez, battery domestic violence, criminal deprivation, speeding 17 over-school zone, no driver’s license, no proof insurance

George Allen Christiansen, inattentive driving

Alonso Cobian, driving under the influence

Roxanna Noel Cox, speeding 19 mph over

Juvenile, fail to yield at stop sign

Juvenile, inattentive driving

Jose Luis Espino, driving under the influence

Ross Eric Fabin, inattentive driving

Juvenile, speeding 23 over-construction, no driver’s license

Savannah Rose Gee, harassment by telephone

Clinton C. Golay, no driver’s license

Michelle L. Grigsby, criminal trespass

Juvenile, disobey traffic control signal

Everardo Guiterrez, criminal trespass

Mayra Marie Hernandez, no driver’s license, defective headlamps

Tina Marie Jackson, battery domestic violence

Diann Marie Jean, driving under the influence

Candice Dawn Johnson, no proof insurance, improper stop lamp/turn signal

Brandon John Knipp, improper driving on laned road

Eugene Lee Larson, driving while suspended/revoked, vehicle license; illegal tags, improper U-turn

Nicole Ranae Leon, no proof insurance

Joseph James Loftis, theft

Amber Lynn Madden, child safety restraint system

Curtis Edwin Mauler, inattentive driving

Tia Shawntae McNett, no proof insurance

Tia Shawntae McNett, inattentive driving

Juan Manuel Mendez, no driver’s license, defective tail lamps

Kraig Andrew Miller, speeding up to 10 over-school zone

Nita E. Mohr, inattentive driving

Juan Montelongo-Avila, no driver’s license

Cassandra Hernandez Munoz, dog at large

Denton C. Oelger, park in prohibited area

Phillip Kyle Otten, speeding 15 mph over

Juvenile, fail to yield/approaching left

Miguel Angel Perales, disobey traffic control device

Damian Michael Pflughoeft, speeding 16 over-construction

Elisenda Pierce, no driver’s license

Gabriella Elaine Prieto, dog at large

Cheslea Dona Purcell, no driver’s license, speeding 15 over-school zone

Shayla Kae Richmeier, criminal trespass

Linda Sue Ringwald, speeding up to 10 over-construction

Tucker Alan Roach, speeding 18 over-construction

Curtis Jay Rosas, driving while suspended/revoked

Monica Salcido-Moncada, no proof insurance

Johan Jared Sanchez, speeding 22 over-construction

Rolando Sanchez, flee and elude/evading arrest

Elizabeth J. Schartz, speeding 20 mph over

Jon A. Schrepel, seat belts (18 and older)

Jonathan Peter Scott, driving under the influence

Alexis Dawn Sexton, fail to yield at stop sign, no proof insurance

Emilo Ortega Sheets, seat belts (18 and older)

Anthony Joseph Shives, improper backing

Tina R. Shull, speeding 19 over-construction

Jason Paul Steiner, driving under the influence

Ian Robert Stout, inattentive driving

Tracy Dianne Thacker, dog at large

Eduardo R. Torres, violation of protection from abuse

Juvenile, inattentive driving

Kimberly Ann Trimmer, theft

Renata Anne Tryon, driving while revoked habitual, vehicle license; illegal tags

Jasmine Lucero Velasco, driving while suspended/revoked

Sandra L. Villalvazo, park/stand/stop prohibited area

Nicholas L. Villarreal, speeding 24 mph over

Mark Eugene Williams, spilling loads on highway prohibited

Erick E. Zayas-Molina, inattentive driving

Total number of defendants: 72; total number of offenses: 90.