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Great Bend Municipal Court October 2018
on the record

Great Bend Municipal Court October 2018

Allison Rene Adams, disobey traffic control device, $132.50

Brent Shane Allen, theft, $397.50

Brent Shane Allen, theft, $762.50

Brent Shane Allen, theft, $2,206.50

Julio Cesar Ayala, driving while suspended/revoked, duty upon striking unattended vehicle, $447.50

Nicole Ginger Barett, drive on left side with curve, $132.50

Cecil S. Bartlett, defective tag light, $132.50

Michael Paul Baxter, flee and elude/evading arrest, no proof insurance, vehicle license; illegal tags, fail to yield at stop sign, failure to signal turn, $562.50

Rickie Allen Bell, no driver’s license, no proof insurance, vehicle license; illegal tags, $1,025.50

Thomas Raymond Boxberger, criminal trespass, $197.50

Misty Dawn Bryant, driving while suspended/revoked, $797.50

Derrick Layne Buess, criminal damage to property, $410

Brian Cody Bunch, theft, $446.50

Leonard Bunselmeyer, inattentive driving, $132.50

Michael Burns, inattentive driving, $132.50

Nicholas Aaron Burns, disobey traffic control device, $132.50

Shirley Angelique Burrow, obstruct legal process, $282.50

Martin L. Carrasco-Hinojos, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50

Angel Diaz Carrillo, no driver’s license, $347.50

Cheri L. Cell, inattentive driving, $132.50

Samuel F. Chantre, driving without lights/needed, $112.50

Gregory Tyrone Cohn, driving while suspended/revoked, defective headlamps, $397.50

Mason Taylor Cox, battery, $447.50

Ron Allen Davis, fail to stop or obey railroad signal, $132.50

Steven Davis, battery domestic violence, $570

Christina Dominguez, cruelty to animals, $1,057.50

Kristina Marie Edwards, disorderly conduct, $732.50

Maria Del Esquivel, limited time parking zone, $25

Francisco Javier Favela, no driver’s license, $647.50

David Garcia, speeding up to 10 mph over, $112.50

Elias Flores Garza, driving while revoked habitual, $487.50

Cody N. Gatewood, driving while suspended/revoked, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $554.50

Sabrina Giliam, dog at large, $132.50

Juan Jose Gonzalez Jr., driving under the influence, vehicle license; illegal tags, no driver’s license in possession, driving on sidewalk, $1,242.50

Daniel Gonzalez-Leyva, no driver’s license, $347.50

Fairrah Lindsay Haberman, defective tail lamps, $112.50

Joshua Franklin Hamby, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50

Phyllis Ruth Harrison, fail to yield from private drive, $132.50

Phyllis Regena Hartle, improper method of turn intention, $132.50

Daniel G. Heath, inattentive driving, $132.50

Tristan D. Heine, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50

Tehlma Hernandez-Medina, no proof insurance,$457.50

Arthur Jay Herren Jr., drunk pedestrian, $132.50

Justin Elliott Herren, obstruct legal process, failure of pedestrian to yield to emergency, $362.50

Allyssia Jackson, defective headlamps, $132.50

Tracee D. Juergensen, fail to yield/approaching left, $132.50

Sonja Pauline Julian, driving while suspended/revoked, fail to yield/uncontrolled, $397.50

Meghan Elizabeth Knox, no proof insurance, $528.50

Perry Jon Krier, disobey traffic control signal, $132.50

Jane A. Kusek, violate traffic control signal, $132.50

Elsie Learned, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50 

Evan Dean Markley, criminal trespass, $527.50

Evan Dean Markley, theft, $619.50

Gerald Allen Martin, criminal trespass, $182.50

Wayne Richard Masse, theft, $1,222.50

April L. Mayer, improper driving on laned road, $132.50

Brandon L. McDonald, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50

Gerald Dean McMullen park/stand/stop prohibited area, $25

Brooklyn R. Mead, disobey traffic control device $132.50

Jesus A. Mercado, driving while suspended/revoked, $362.50

Patricia Willene Mermis, inattentive driving, $132.50

Esten Victor Millard, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, $132.50

Jack R. Millard, improper driving on laned road, $132.50

Ernesto Montez, no driver’s license, $462.50

Emilie Ulanda Murray, criminal damage to property, $697.50

Nathan Kent Myers, driving while suspended/revoked, vehicle license; illegal tags, $462.50

Jazmin Joy Nunez, criminal trespass, $262.50

Morgan Rebecca Olliff, defective headlamps, $132.50

Tereso Orono-Gomez, no driver’s license, $467.50

Andrea Ortiz, no driver’s license, speeding 13 over-school zone, $425.50

Jordan R. Preston, unnecessary spinning of tires, $132.50

Paola Ramirez, vicious dog, $332.50

Dylan Franklin Rand, seat belts (18 and older), $30

Threasa K. Reyes, fail to yield/approaching left, $132.50

Amanda Rigby, speeding 15 mph over, $127.50

Humberto Rincon-Barbosa, battery domestic violence, $392.50

Nancy Isabel Salcido-Moncada, no driver’s license, $1,112.50

Anna Maria Sanchez, unauthorized minor, $320

Trey Michael Schartz, battery against law enforcement officer, $475

Kimberly A. Smith, speeding 13 over-school zone, $160.50

Shaun Michael Spike, inattentive driving, $132.50

Quincy William Stahl, defective tail lamps, $132.50

Laura Jane Standlee, driving while suspended/revoked, $882.50

Sara Jane Tavarez-Hernandez, dog at large, $182.50

David Vasquez, barking dog, $132.50

Maria Vasquez, dog at large, $132.50

Walter Vasquez-Enriquez, driving while suspended/revoked, $982.50

Jaime Vallez Velazquez, dog at large, $132.50

Vance Patrick Vinsonhaler, speeding up to 10  over-school, $223.50

Vance Patrick Vinsonhaler, seat belts (18 and older), $152

Rita Charlene Vredenburg, improper backing, $132.50

Felicia Ann Ward, no proof insurance, $397.50

Susan Marie Wheeler, improper backing, $132.50

Dale R. Wilcox, disobey traffic control device, $132.50

Dawson T. Williams, defective tail lamps, $132.50

Trae D. Wineinger, improper parking, $25

Shannon Dean Ybarra, improper bike lamps/brake/reflector, $237.50

Peter Zamarripa, theft, $702.50

Peter Zamarripa, criminal trespass, $132.50