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Great Bend Municipal Court - September convictions
on the record
OTR for Aug. 22, 2016

Harold Eugene Alexander, no rabies vaccination

Andrea Yaret Alvarado-Alcala, criminal trespass

Jose Ramon Ashauer, speeding 18 mph over

Samantha Jean Bailey, improper stop lamp/turn signal

Roxanna Jo Barney, seat belts (18 and older)

Juvenile, fail to yield at stop sign

Brennan W. Behnke, pass on left with insufficient clearance, no driver’s license

Dylan Michael Blanchard, speeding 36 over-construction

Joshua Calvin Bobbitt, inattentive driving

Jose A. Botello, no driver’s license

Diane Lynn Bott, disobey traffic control device

Leroy William Bowers, obstruct legal process

Juvenile, improper backing

Susan Beth Bryant, driving under the influence

Eric John Buckley, criminal trespass

Larry Joseph Carl, cruelty to animals

Jessica Lynn Carr, seat belts (18 and older)

Daniel Jacob Casper, criminal trespass

Reyes Armando Silva Castillo, speeding 14 mph over-construction

Hector L. Chavez, no driver’s license

Shawna Kay Contrerez, theft

Shawna Kay Contrerez, battery domestic violence

Juvenile, disobey traffic control device

Patrick Allen Doty, driving while revoked habitual

Suzanne Jill Evans, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Sara Sharnelle Gager, speeding 18 over-school zone

Maria D. Garay-Najera, no driver’s license

Sahron Genevieve Gilliam, no proof insurance

Hope Marie Grabast, criminal trespass

Kayanna Elizabeth Hammeke, inattentive driving

Megan Christine Hammeke, fail to yield at stop sign

Shane Treloar Howard, speeding 17 over-construction

Jason Shannon Hull, criminal trespass

Robert Gene Isaacs, battery against law enforcement officer

Juvenile, violations of restrictions

Kimberly A. Jordan, disobey traffic control device

Dustin Kyle Kirkman, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Skylar James Kolb-Collins, no proof insurance

Juvenile, speeding up to 10 over-school, no driver’s license

Jesus Auden Leyva Jr., driving under the influence

Maria Del Socorro Limon, expired driver’s license

Megan S. Long, theft

Rebeca Adriana Lucero, no driver’s license

Jeneva Almyra May Maier, battery, July 9

Jeneva Almyra May Maier, battery, July 11

Noe Martinez-Acosta, no driver’s license

Cesar Martinez-Mendoza, speeding 14 over-construction

Ashlea Paige Mawhirter, inattentive driving

Mark Mayhugh, speeding 17 over-construction

Fredrick James Silas, McNett, no driver’s license

Juvenile, speeding 14 over-construction

Ismael C. Montelongo Jr., vicious dog

Rhiannon Lynn Mossberg, driving while suspended/revoked, May 9

Rhiannon Lynn Mossberg, driving while suspended/revoked, May 22

Kala Muller, follow too close

Brevan Joe Phelps, inattentive driving

Stormy Denise Pitts, driving while suspended/revoked, improper stop lamp/ turn signal

Jared Donnie Provins, drunk pedestrian, purchase/consumption/possession alcohol

Lynn Therese Rashka-Apodaca, speeding 11 over-school zone

Charlotte J. Rathbun, inattentive driving

Veronica Jo Reames, disobey traffic control device

Tina Marie Reif, theft

Daniel Jimenez Rodriguez, driving under the influence

Horlando Salcido-Moncada, driving under the influence, driving while suspended/revoked, March 2

Horlando Salcido-Moncada, driving while suspended/revoked, Aug. 2

William Preston Sandy III, park/stand/stop prohibited area

Trey Michael Schartz, allow use of vehicle in violation

Steven Wayne Schenkel, driving under the influence

Erica Michelle Schwager, speeding 12 over- school zone

Jason Scott Simpson, speeding 15 over- construction

Crystal Marie Smith, inattentive driving

Bonnie Marie Bonnet Strait, theft

Elena Monserrat Taboado, fail to yield/uncontrolled

Kimberly Ann Trimmer, no proof insurance

Hilda Areli Urbina, no proof insurance

Hilda Areli Urbina, driving while suspended/revoked

Ryan Scott Uridel, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, racing on highway

Alexander Agustin Valdez, basic speed rule/unsafe speed, racing on highway

Brenda L. Vazquez-Loera, driving without lights/needed, driving while suspended/revoked

Juan Luis Viera, no driver’s license

Juan Fran Villanueva-Holguin, park/stand/stop prohibited area

Juvenile, inattentive driving

Kurt Allen Woods, violation of protection from abuse

Yolisma Zuany Gaytan, no driver’s license

Total number of defendants: 79. Total number of offenses: 93.