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OTR for April 1, 2015
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Barton County Sheriff
On Monday, a Barton County resident reported being “scammed out of some money on the Internet.”
A sexual battery was reported.
A black plastic tote containing about $1,200 worth of tools was missing from the back of a truck.

Great Bend Police
A fraud was reported Monday by a person who allegedly received bills for medical services never received.
A burglary was reported to have occurred last week at 2518 Russell Parkway. A set of keys and caller ID machine were missing from the residence.
A backpack was reportedly stolen at Stone Lake, 2401 Railroad Ave.
Someone drove over sprinkler heads at 2123 Harrison.
A vehicle driven by Michelle Disque was westbound in the 5500 block of 10th St. at 3:24 p.m. Monday and struck a vehicle driven by Laura Tate, who was stopped in traffic. This was reported as an injury accident.
Someone drove over a mailbox at 2519 Seventh St.