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OTR for March 13, 2013
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Great Bend Fire Department
Firefighters made three ambulance runs Monday. There were no fires.

Great Bend Police
A vehicle driven by Larry Lindsay hit a utility police in the alley in the 3200 block of Forest Ave. at 2:09 p.m. Monday.
A vehicle driven by Taylor Hofeling was westbound on 18th St. at 3:05 p.m. and struck a vehicle driven by Jack Westhoff, who was southbound on Morphy St.
The K-9 checked a vehicle in the 800 block of Pine Place for the Drug Enforcement Administration at 5:04 p.m.
A 19-year-old woman suspected of shoplifting at 5318 10th St. was served a notice to appear (NTA) in municipal court.
A 1995 Ford Ranger previously reported stolen was located.
A pitbull attacked another dog in the 800 block of Morton St. The owner was served an NTA.
A 20-inch BMX bicycle was stolen from 321 Locust St.
A burglary at 900 Ninth St. was reported at 3:33 a.m. Tuesday. A television and game console were taken.

Barton County Jail
Booked March 4
Kirstie Lynn Perez, Ellinwood — Failure to appear
Mason Scott Wagner, Hoisington — Possession of marijuana
Dianna L. Werick, Hoisington — Contempt of court
Joseph McNett, Great Bend — Contempt of court
Donna L. Fisher, Great Bend — Driving under the influence.

Released March 4
Shawn D. McCollum, Claflin — $2,500 surety bond
Mason Wagner, Hoisington — $2,500 surety
Dianna Werick, Newton — Own recognizance
Kirsties L. Perez, Great Bend — Own recognizance
Jerrery Alan Wiltshire — Released on Stafford County case
Travis Getty, St. John — Served sentence in full

Booked March 5
Christopher Lamaster, Pawnee Rock — Burglary
Matthew Pritchett, Great Bend — Criminal trespass, criminal threat and failure to appear
Mathew Wyatt, Chase — Hold for other jurisdiction
Darren Walker, Great Bend — Failure to appear
Al Pierce, Hoisington — Felony driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, accident involving damage to vehicle, refusal to submit to a breathe test, possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia, and criminal use of a firearm

Released March 5
Trevor Thompson, Lyons — $50,000 surety bond
Philip Craig Lutz, Pawnee Rock — $403.64 cash bond and $1,000 surety bond
Rachel Kelley — To other agency
Steven Jordan, — To other agency
Mark Caton, Great Bend —
Darren Walker, Great Bend — $350 cash bond

Booked March 8
Francisco Rodriguez-Aguilera, Stafford — Driving under the influence, no insurance, illegal transportation of liquor and no drivers license
John Cruz, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Derryc Werner, Great Bend — Failure to appear
Monica Salcido-Moncada, Great Bend — Contempt of court
Ruben Gonzalez-Torres, Great Bend — Serve sentence
William Shaw, Ellinwood — Probation violation and contempt of court
Trent Swisher, Great Bend — Contempt of court
Michael P. Kramer, Larned — Aggravated battery
Michael Loughner, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Allen Templeton, Ellinwood — Contempt of court
Candace Crain, Hoisington — Failure to appear
Edis Torres-Valle, McCracken — Aggravated indecent liberties with a child
Bryce Clark, Colby — Criminal threat
Ryan Aumiller, Great Bend — Failure to appear

Released March 8
Francisco Rodriguiz-Aguilera, Stafford — $1,000 surety bond
Maria Delacruz-Sanchez, Ellinwood — $350 cash bond
Derrick Buess, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Trent Swisher, Great Bend — $325 and $116 cash bonds
Jose Trejo, Texas — Released on all charges and put in corrections
Allen Templeton, Ellinwood — $273 cash bond
Ryan Aumiller, Great Bend — $8778.70 cash bond\

Booked March 9
Bobby Dean Routh III, Garden City — Possession of hallucinogenic drug
Jesus Silva, Great Bend — No drivers license
Terry Rogers, Great Bend — Driving while revoked
Ashli Johnson, Great Bend — Battery domestic violence and disorderly conduct
Tyler Witten, Great Bend — Domestic battery and driving under the influence

Released March 9
Bobby Rough, Garden City — $2,500 surety bond
Kevin Vanwey, Ellsworth —
Terry Rogers, Great Bend — $500 cash/surety bond
Jesus Armando Silva, Great Bend — $1,000 surety bond

Booked March 10
Bradley Bownes, Great Bend — Domestic battery
Candace Crain, Hoisington — Failure to appear
Sarah Smith-Orr, Hoisington — Possession of methamphetamine within 1,000 feet of a school, marijuana within $1,000 feet of a school, paraphernalia, unauthorized prescription medication and two counts of criminal use of a weapon
David Kelly, Great Bend — Serve sentence

Releases March 10
Tyler Witten, Great Bend — Two $2,500 bonds
Ashli Johnson, Great Bend — $2,500 surety bond
Candace Crain, Hoisington — $500 cash bond
Michael Laughner, Great Bend — Serve partial sentence
Terry Ludes, Great Bend — Own recognizance bond
John Cruz, Great Bend — Serve sentence
Bryan Munoz, Russell — Serve partial sentence