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September 2017 court fines and convictions
on the record

Great Bend Municipal Court September fines and convictions
Jaime Ayala Jr., driving while suspended/revoked, $82.50
Elizabeth Marie Barber, theft, $805.50
Linda Louise Benefield, violate flashing signal, $132.50
Mikal K. Boese, improper backing, $132.50
Charles Raymond Bowers Jr., battery domestic violence, $622.50
Charles Raymond Bowers Jr., theft, $1,739.99
Charles Raymond Bowers Jr., harassment by telephone, $297.50
Sharon K. Bowers, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Brian J. Brack, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Christy Louise Contreras, vehicle license; illegal tags, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance,$2,312.50
Traxler Aaron Denning, inattentive driving, $132.50
Justice lee Dent, no drivers license, defective headlamps, $647.50
Tiffany Farfan, dog at large, $347.50
Emmanuel Ferrel, no drivers license, $362.50
Kiana Gwen Gonzales, criminal carrying of a weapon, $262.50
Amanda Dawn Grandclair, theft, $347.50
Michael Paul Graves, unlawful hosting minor/alcohol. $947.40
Justin Elliott Herren, battery domestic violence, $732.50
Jacob Lynn Hoch, no drivers license, $727.50
Christopher Quinn Immediato, driving while revoked, habitual, $787.50
Miles Van Jackson, criminal damage to property, criminal damage to property, $182.50
Jensen Reed Jacobs, inattentive driving, $132.50
Stephany Chelsey Johnson, no proof insurance, $763.50
Candace Jean Jones, theft, $792.50
Michael F. Kaus, improper driving on laned road, $132.50
Andrea Sue Ketch, dog at large, $182.50
Jason Andrew Loss, driving while suspended/revoked, $435
Kendy Sue Lyons, battery, $247.50
Jeremy Jon McFann, battery against a law enforcement officer, $422.50
Fredrick James Silas McNett, theft, $745
Fredrick James Silas McNett, battery domestic violence, $510
Ismael Montelongo, loud music from vehicle, $132.50
Dina Morales-Rodriguez, battery domestic violence, $2,001
Breta M. Nunez, dog at large, $132.50
Jazmin Joy Nunez, no rabies vaccination, dog at large, $382.50
Justin Blade Nunez, dog at large, $132.50
Mary A. Ohlemeier, fail to yield at stop sign, $132.50
Melbra James Orr, battery, $147.50
Daniel Esteven Rodriguez, battery domestic violence, criminal damage to property, $342.50
Bonnie Marie Roth, battery against a law enforcement officer, $355.56
Claudio Sanchez-Molina, no drivers license, $347.50
Kyle David Schartz, improper parking, $25
Gerald D. Schneider, improper backing, $132.50
Amber M. Shattuck, inattentive driving, $132.50
Karina Silva-Castillo, dog at large, $182.50
Lillis G. Stambaugh, inattentive driving, duty to give information/aid, $232.50
Mary E. Wasinger, no proof insurance, $478.50
Michael Joe Wheeler, theft, $772.50
Jessica Renee Wiginton, battery against a law enforcement officer, $282.50
Jessica Renee Wiginton, theft, $467.50
Kirstin R. Williams, failure to signal turn, $132.50
Skyler Rain Williams, defective tail lamps, $132.50
William S. Wooley, violate traffic control signal, $132.50
Antonio Zubia, driving while suspended/revoked, no proof insurance, $897.50