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10 men admit what they REALLY thought when they saw their wife without makeup the first time
Here's what he really thinks. - photo by Melinda Fox
Many women use makeup to hide things they're self-conscious about. So when their significant other finally sees them "flaws" and all, it can feel very vulnerable.

However, on Reddit, a platform where people can anonymously admit what they're really thinking, men reveal what they really thought when they saw their significant other sans makeup for the first time.

Here's what they said:

1. He just sees her

"My girlfriend made a huge deal about the fact I was going to see her without makeup on the next morning during the first night we slept in the same bed; honestly she looked just as good to me. I can't even seem to tell when she is or isn't wearing makeup; I think there's got to be a difference, but I just don't see her face as individual parts that are or aren't made up, I just see her as her."

2. Authenticity is beautiful

"That she was even more beautiful. Honesty and truth are beauty."

3. He was self-conscious too

"Phew! I thought she had flawless skin. I was beginning to feel bad about [my] acne scars."

4. He didn't notice

"I never really noticed. Sometimes my ex's lips were red, sometimes they weren't. I'm pretty sure I've seen her without makeup before. I don't know, dude. It all looks the same."

5. She's beautiful

"I smiled and thought how beautiful she was... Right before she she [sic] started complaining about how bad she must look. "

6. He legitimately could not tell the difference

"She looks the same. I told my girlfriend I couldn't tell when she wasn't wearing makeup and she didn't believe me. So she hung around one day with makeup on half her face. I didn't notice."

7. Makeup isn't so transformatory

"I think you might overestimate the power of makeup. To me it just looks like the same person just without makeup."

8. Makeup doesn't make her pretty

"Make-up doesn't make someone pretty. And she's beautiful without."

9. She had to point out the difference

"I didn't notice when she didn't put it on one day until she pointed it out, then I could see a slight change."

10. He thinks she looks better without makeup

"My wife hardly ever wears makeup... But, I do remember the first time I saw her with lots of makeup on. It was months into our relationship, and her sister was getting married. So, she was all decked out as the bridesmaid. She looked gorgeous! I still prefer her with her more-natural look."