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17 signs you have the best mom ever
Does your mom do these 17 things that make her the best mom ever? - photo by Melinda Fox
This woman did way more than just give you life. She's a superhero like none other. Here are 17 signs your mom is absolutely amazing:

1. She let you throw up on her

If she still gave you a kiss on the forehead and tucked you under a blanket after such a horrible act as barfing all over her, she's one great mom.

2. She's a better cook than you

It doesn't really make sense. She taught you exactly how to make her famous ratatouille and yet yours never tastes quite as good as hers. She must put a secret ingredient in there. Love. She must secretly slip in some love.

3. She let you stay home from school sometimes

Sometimes there are those days when you just could not face the world. Those are the days you didn't have to pretend you were sick; she just let you stay home from school. Looking back, you realize nothing was all that bad. She knew that in the moment, but didn't trivialize your feelings.

4. ... but made you go the other days

Even though she let you off the hook every once in a while, she still was all about your education. She took time to be the "room mom" or whip up muffins for the bake sale to be involved at your school and sat with you when you couldn't get the hang of negative numbers or subjunctive conjugations.

5. She lets you make mistakes

Even though she usually warns you, she lets you do your thing anyway. It's hard to allow your kids to fail, but she lets you do it so that you can have the freedom to learn. She also forgives you, even when you mess up big time.

6. You can call her all of the time

If you've got some super news or you can't figure out why your stomach is making weird noises, who are you gonna call? Definitely not the Ghost Busters. Even if you have to try her cell phone and then the home phone and then your dad's phone, you've got to make contact. And she doesn't care what time it is.

7. She is a multi-talented superwoman

She is a teacher, cook, therapist, chauffeur, personal shopper, hair stylist, janitor, financial planner, nurse, bodyguard, party planner, etc.

8. She listens to you

Even if you're talking about the measliest little things, she's all ears. If it's important to you, it's important to her.

9. She made you work

Maybe she tried to sugarcoat it, but at the end of the day, that toilet wasn't going to clean itself. She taught you how to be responsible and accountable by making you do work.

10. She let you sleep in her bed

If you had a really scary nightmare, she let you in. That's love.

11. She always took pictures of you

Even when you really didn't feel like memorializing your sixth first day of school, she whipped out the camera. Now, it's nice to have those life events documented.

12. She watches movies with you

If a new Channing Tatum is out, the both of you are so there. She indulges your TV binges because she's all over that as well.

13. She gave you rules

She taught you how to be a great human being by giving you boundaries. Sometimes enforcing those rules may have been a struggle, but she stuck with it and you're reaping the rewards.

14. She's your cheerleader

From ballet to graduation, she supports you.

15. She secretly stalks you on Facebook

Social media may not be the platform she's most comfortable with, but she's got to know what's up in your life. Meaning, she will look through layers of pictures to find out everything she can about the guy who commented on your Timeline.

16. She sacrificed for you

Being a mom is possibly the most selfless thing a person can do. It's a lifetime of putting other people before yourself day after day. She did -- and does -- that for you.

17. You don't worry about turning into her

... because that is your greatest ambition.