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17 things you need to stop worrying about right now
Youve got about a million things to juggle, so why add needless worrying to your list? - photo by Emily Cummings
Work, kids, family, finances, relationships, debts, diets, the future life brings a whole host of things to constantly worry and fuss about. But the thing about worry is that it doesnt fix anything; its a useless emotion. Worrying consumes your time and thoughts, distracting you from enjoying whats happening right now. The minute you stop borrowing troubles from tomorrow, your life will be simpler, more full and happier. Test it out by not worrying anymore about these 17 things:


So you accidentally texted your mom that little text meant for your special someone. Yikes. A quick, Sorry! that was a complete accident is really the only thing you can do; and losing sleep isnt going to erase that message.

Dinner disasters

For the indecisive, choosing what to eat, where to eat, or when to go out to dinner can provide hours of worry -- but it doesn't have to. Youll eat dinner again, I promise. Adopt a carefree attitude when it comes to making minor life decisions (like what to order) and enjoy being much happier around mealtimes.

Not having the newest phone

Its a silly thing to be worried about. Why does it matter if you have the newest, slimmest, ridiculously expensive gadget?

Forgetting a name

Yes, there might be an exact number of times you can ask someones name before its considered rude, but an honest, well-placed I am sorry, but your name has completely slipped my mind should swap out the needless worry and embarrassment of forgetting a name.


Worrying about what the other carpool moms think of you is like living back in middle school, which is a terrible way to live now. Why should someones opinion of you dictate how you decide to act or what you say? You are you for a reason; love yourself and dont worry about what others think about you.

How your relationship is going

If your heart is tied up into a worried mess of butterflies, let em go. Constant worry about what is going on in your relationship doesnt solve a thing. Relationships are built on strong communication, not constant worry. Channel your anxious worry into concrete conversations if you are feeling worried about your relationship.


Not quite sure what exact shade of lipstick to pick and end up spending your entire afternoon in the same store, fidgeting and jumping between decisions? Quit it. Its a simple choice that isnt going to alter your destiny. Yes, you might not love your decision, but learning to live with your choice is an important life lesson. If you are anxious over a bigger life purchase, adopt a pros and cons list to aid in the decision making.

Your looks

Well yes, its great to know you nailed the whole hair and makeup thing for today, but dont fuss about the other days when you haven't. Seriously, no one notices like you do. You are the only one concerned that your shirt may have been the one you wore yesterday and that there is most definitely a stain on the left side.


Meeting someone for the first time can be a point of stress and worry. While its true you only get one chance at a first impression, you can change how you feel about the whole encounter. Endlessly running over your mistakes in your mind doesnt change anything.

Being late

If you didnt know, worry does not clear up traffic, does not eliminate poor weather, and does not make time run a tad bit slower. Be a grownup and own up to your tardiness, but dont spend your valuable time fussing about something out of your control.

Lifes mishaps

Ive never read anything that mentions worry as a full-proof stain remover. It might not come out of the carpet, but it will make a great story for years to come.


Stressing over your finances can be consuming, and isnt easily dismissed. But worrying will not change your situation. Spend your energy looking for alternative jobs, better saving habits, or asking for help instead of worrying. Do all you can, and let it be.

Hours spent

Its probably true that your 23 1/2 hours of Netflix watching last week could have been more productively spent, but worrying about it doesnt give you those hours back. Pledge to binge-watch your favorite season while doing some spring cleaning or finally organizing your email inbox and move on.

Awkward moments

I can promise that no one is worrying about the exact details of your life, because everyone is already too busy worry about their own. By that sound logic, no one is lingering on that awkward minute of silence that happened after you told a joke at work.

Your favorite team

It really is just a game, no matter how much it feels like more than that. Enjoy the competition and entertainment, and then be willing to let the losses go.

What ifs

Playing the what if game is a dangerous pastime. A couple web searches revealed that 85 percent of what we worry about never actually happens. By that logic, you should be able to decrease your worry and only be concerned with 15 percent of what you normally fuss about. Dont waste your time needlessly playing out what if scenarios.

The state of things

Worrying wont help the refugees in Syria, wont get shoes to children in Uganda and wont help the struggling youth in your own neighborhood. Use the time you spend worrying to instead help raise awareness, volunteer or donate.

You might need some help along the way to let go of your worries -- which is perfectly OK. Make time to exercise (try Yoga for breathing and meditation), call a friend and vent for a while, or write in a worry journal to help your mind let go. Do whatever works to eliminate a little more worry in your life to make room for a little more living.