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9 awesome reasons you should stop washing your hair
You're just a few skipped showers away from the best hair of your life. - photo by Melinda Fox
With the "No Poo" movement sweeping the nation you might be wondering what is with all these hippies who would rather smell like a grease-ball instead of wash their hair. However, you might be surprised to discover that the dazzling locks you've been lusting after are a result of skipping the shampoo. Believe it or not, not washing your hair could actually be the best thing for it. Here are 11 reasons why you should throw your bottle of shampoo in the garbage can.

1. Your hair will be less greasy

At first, your head is going to get pretty oily, but after a few weeks it will all even out. The thing is, shampoo has chemicals that strip your hair of its natural moisturizers prompting your scalp to produce more. When you stop putting those chemicals on your head, it reduces your hair's need to produce an abundance of them and allows your body to naturally take care of itself.

2. You'll sleep more

Eliminating hair washing from your routine may earn you some extra time in bed. Not only do you not have to spend time cleansing your tresses in the shower, but you also won't have to spend all that time with the blow dryer, either.

3. You'll get less split ends

When you reduce how much you are rubbing your hair, your hair cuticles are less irritated, making your hair less prone to breakage.

4. Your color will last longer

The less you clean your hair, the less the dye starts coming out, saving you time and money trying to return your color job back to its original vibrancy.

5. You'll start rocking braids and buns

Finally you will be able to realize all the dreams you have pinned on your Pinterest hair board. The intricate styles that wouldn't stay in place before will have the natural pomade necessary to hold them.

6. You'll have thicker hair

Again, shampoo can really kill your hair. It's not just stripping moisture, but it's stripping everything good about your natural hair. It kills the body, makes it more dull and ruins the texture. This makes you reliant on more and more hair products. Hold off on the shampoo and your hair will return to its natural amazing state.

7. You will care more for the environment

Consuming less chemicals means a greener world for everyone.

8. You'll have more money

The more dramatically you decrease the amount of times you wash your hair, the more money you have left over. You're saving money by buying less shampoo, less hair dye, etc.

9. You'll get lots of questions

Let out how long you've gone without washing your locks, and people will want to know more. You're going to get to answer lots of questions about your daily routine to appease their curiosity.