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A quick look at the royal familys finances for 2017-18
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, centre and members of the Royal family arrive for the Easter Mattins Service at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, in Windsor, England, Sunday, April 1, 2018. (Tolga Akmen/Pool Photo via AP) - photo by Herb Scribner
Yes, the British royal family made some more money last year.

A new set of documents published Thursday revealed how the royal family spent, distributed and earned its money for the financial year that ended March 31, according to CNNMoney.

The report is thick with information. And it showed the budget for William, Kate and Harry jumped by 40 percent to roughly $6.6 million.

The report showed Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, saw their spending jump by 10 percent.

The couple made $28.6 million in the fiscal year, which is 5 percent higher than the previous year.

The queen of England received a pay increase too, which means taxpayers gave more money to the royal family.

The Huffington Post UK reported taxpayer funds are sent to the Sovereign Grant, which collects revenue from the Crown Estate and pays for expenditures for the queen and renovations to Buckingham Palace.

The total amount of the sovereign grant increased from 42.8 million ($55.9 million) to 45.7 million ($59.7 million), according to HuffPost UK.

In fact, according to BBC News, more than 4 million ($5.2 million) was spent on improving the palace, while an additional 21.4 ($27.9 million) went toward payroll costs.

During the aforementioned financial year, the queen's expenditures jumped 13 percent.

Sir Michael Stevens, who oversees the royal familys finances, told HuffPost UK the increased spending comes from a rising family size.

There are three generations of the royal family at work together in support of the queen, he said. Each generation brings its own style and personality. What everyone shares is a desire for the monarchy to reflect and serve all parts of our country and the wider Commonwealth.

Theres a lot to unpack with all of these finances. Head over to CNN for a good interview of what the two new documents share about the royal familys finances.