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Book review: 'The Haunting of Springett Hall' is a romance abounding with ghosts
"The Haunting of Springett Hall" is by E.B. Wheeler. - photo by Elizabeth Reid
"THE HAUNTING OF SPRINGETT HALL," by E.B. Wheeler, Sweetwater Books, $16.99, 243 pages (ages 13 and up)

Stuck in a mysterious house she doesnt recognize with people who are oblivious to her presence, Lucy Tregarrick comes to the realization that shes died in The Haunting of Springett Hall. But learning to exist as a ghost is the least of her problems. Lucy cant remember who she is or why she is stuck in this home many seem to fear.

Soon, Lucy realizes that the flirty Philip Ketley is the only person she can truly communicate with, but his memory of the past is also lacking. As the two probe into the secrets of Springett Hall and its former master, it becomes apparent that their former selves made several mistakes and delved into a power that should have been left alone.

Author E.B. Wheeler's book can thrill teens without worrying content-cautious parents. The Haunting of Springett Hall has romance, mystery and just enough ghosts haunting its pages to keep readers interested. Wheelers characters are easy to connect with, and while some outcomes are too easily solved, others are enjoyably unforeseen. Thankfully, Wheeler also understands that a ghost story can be thrillingly scary without being drenched in gore.

The Haunting of Springett Hall is a clean read with no profanities and romance that doesnt go beyond minor kissing. There are some briefly violent scenes, and the dangers of black magic are mentioned several times. Of course, evil spirits are plentiful in this ghost novel.