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Have You Seen This? 16 seconds of all the back-to-school emotions
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THE SCHOOLYARD Its the first week of school for many schools, which inevitably brings mixed feelings from parents and students alike.

As a parent you may be glad that there will be fewer sunscreen streaks on your furniture and less dirt in your house, but sad that summer quality time is now over. As a student you may be glad to be rid of any summer doldrums, but sad that the endless nights of homework have returned.

Whichever emotion youre experiencing the most, you probably arent experiencing them as thoroughly and quickly as 4-year-old Andrew Macias, who was heading to his first day of pre-kindergarten this week in Los Angeles.

His hair is neatly combed and you can practically see the shiny new gleam off his clothes and backpack as Andrew tells a KTLA 5 reporter that hes excited for school to start. But everything went downhill quickly when the reporter asked the next question: Are you gonna miss your mom?

Of course it ends in the sweetest and saddest tears. Its hard to leave mom, even if you are super excited about school. But dont worry, KTLA reported that mom was just off camera and was able to give Andrew the hug he needed.

As for the reporter, its a lesson in the joys and pitfalls of live TV. Sure, the adorable video is now viral (exposure gold), but she definitely measures on the monster scale for making a 4-year-old cry, as far as Im concerned.

Happy back to school to one and all!