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Have You Seen This? 400-pound bears need baths too
A bear takes a bath in Portland, and it just might be the mental break via adorable video that youre looking for. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE ZOO Sometimes bad things are happening in the world, and a bear taking an adorable bath might just be the 30-second distraction you need.

With that in mind, here's this video of Takoda, a 6-year-old black bear that resides at the Oregon Zoo.

According to the zoos website, Portland experienced record-breaking heat last week. For a bear that is always wearing a massive fur coat, heat can be a problem. Luckily the zoo was prepared with a kiddie pool complete with pool toys for their hirsute resident. (By kiddie pool I mean a 300-gallon tub meant to accommodate a 400-pound black bear, of course.)

Its just good clean fun for the whole family, even if you do get a little jealous because the bath looks so fun and refreshing.

Takoda has lived at the Oregon Zoo since 2010, after he was found hungry and dehydrated as an orphaned cub, according to the zoos website. The bear was nursed back to health, but a life in the wild was no longer possible, so Takoda found his permanent home at the zoo. Next time youre in Portland, you can visit Takoda at the Oregon Zoos Black Bear Ridge exhibit.

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