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Have You Seen This? Chaos ensues after kid steals baby Jesus doll during Nativity play
Is it really the Christmas season if a few kids aren't disrupting the Nativity pageant while all the adults try desperately to not laugh? - photo by Mary Dalrymple
THE FIRST CHRISTMAS When I was in preschool, I was right smack dab in the middle of some Nativity play drama.

Basically what happened was this: I wanted to play Mary because my name is Mary, so I thought I was entitled to that role. Really, I was just a little diva and wanted to be the star of the show. But was I picked to play Mary? No siree. I guess my acting abilities at age 4 were more suited for playing one of the angels in the back row.

I've clearly never forgotten this (or let it go), though to be honest, the drama may have all just been in my head because shy little preschool me would have been way too scared to cause any actual drama. Which is something I cannot say about the little kids in this glorious video.

The video captures an adorable and heartwarming Nativity scene put on by a group of kids at a church in Tennessee, but after about a minute or so, things start to go awry.

Mary, Joseph and all the other Nativity cast members are sitting peacefully inside a makeshift stable while the choir sings "Away in a Manger." Then one of the little angels decides to switch things up a bit and grabs the baby Jesus doll right out of the manger. I assume this was because, like 4-year-old me, she too wanted to be the star of the show, but she actually had the gumption to take matters into her own hands.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work out so well for her as the other kids get pretty upset that one of their fellow thespians made off with the most important part of the set. Suddenly the choir is crooning out "bless all the dear children..." while two toddlers wrestle over a baby Jesus doll.

It's a great video, if only because we've all been there. I mean, who doesn't have some leftover drama from those preschool acting days? No? That's just me? Oh OK. Well, enjoy the video anyway, and hopefully, no such chaos ensues during any of your Nativity re-enactments this Christmas.