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Have You Seen This? Hondas perfectly odd dream commercial
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DREAMSVILLE Straight out of the gate, I have revelation: I am a prolific dreamer, and I remember my dreams regularly.

I dream in monochromatic color schemes, full-color animation, film noir, musicals and sundry themes full of intensely specific details. Sure, many of them are about the apocalypse, but I often have amazingly odd dreams that somehow leave me with a thoughtful and pleasant feeling as they float away upon waking.

No matter what type of dream I have, theyre filled with weird amalgamations of things Ive seen and heard in waking that smash together in my subconscious to come out in my dreams as a bizarro mix of reality and fiction.

The Australian commercial Honda Dream Run successfully captures the smashed-together oddness of dreaming in general with the distinct advantage of purposefully creating beautifully filmed scenes that arent fuzzy around the edges.

The protagonist, Brian, opens the commercial in a seemingly normal diner when a few details start defying the laws of physics, and he soon realizes hes dreaming. Then hes being chased by apparent authority figures in jodhpurs, listening to a talking dog and constructing Honda HR-Vs with his mind, among other things.

The scenes that visual effects company Alt.vfx created are technically impressive, funny and lovely (even if theyre weird). Of course its all tied up in a neat bow with the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams thumping as the soundtrack.

Does the ad accurately represent any part of how you dream? Tell us what you think of the video in the comments.