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Have You Seen This? Proud grandpa sobs at NHL draft
This grandpa melted hearts all over the internet as he sobbed with pride and joy at the National Hockey League draft. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE RINK Tyler Jost may have been beyond thrilled to be the 10th pick in the National Hockey League draft at 18 years old, but its his grandpas unforgettable reaction that is winning the hearts and emptying the eyeballs of sports fans and non-sports fans alike.

When general manager Joe Sakic of the Colorado Avalanche read out Josts name, the camera quickly panned up to Jost and his family in the stands. Its always a happy sight to see dreams come true, but then you see grandpas face.

For that single moment, there couldnt have been a person in the world who was feeling that much joy and pride, and once you understand more of Josts story, you may know why.

As the announcers explain further in the video, Jost and his sister were raised by a single mom. At age 13, Jost had the opportunity to go to the elite Pursuit of Excellence school in Kelowna, B.C. which is over 550 miles from his Edmonton home and it was his grandparents who moved with Jost to a brand new city so he could follow his dreams.

His grandpas reaction very well might have been a surprise to Jost, because, as he told The Hockey News, his grandpa isnt a softie.

My grandpa was tough on me, Jost said. But it was a good tough. You have to work for everything; nothing is handed to you in life.

By all accounts, Jost deserves all the pride and respect that hes been given. He reportedly blew everyone away with his interviews and is quite the upstanding citizen at 18 years old.

Good luck on your hockey career, Mr. Jost, and give your sweetheart of a grandpa and extra squeeze on behalf of all of us.