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Have You Seen This? Snowboarder sets off avalanche
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Avalanches are no laughing matter and theres a reason were all told to take serious precautions when enjoying the snow.

I cant say if Romanian snowboarder Sorin Radu was following all the rules he should have been, but what I can say is that he inadvertently set off an avalanche and got it all on his GoPro camera.

The video is a bit terrifying as you see the mountainside fracture and come apart as it engulfs Radu and sends him toppling down the slope. Thankfully Radu was unhurt and not totally buried, because it appears he was alone, which would have likely made for a very tragic ending to this video.

Watching the short video will make your fists clench and your jaw lock, but let's take it as a reminder to be safe on the mountain.