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Have You Seen This? Toddlers adorable version of 'Jolene'
Its not a formal performance, its just a little girl playing and singing; but thats what makes it so adorable. - photo by Martha Ostergar
THE PLAYROOM I dont know about you, but every time I see a video pop up on social media that involves Dolly Partons Jolene, I cannot stop myself from clicking.

Even if you dont like country music (and I generally do not), theres something charming and joyous about Parton specifically and her music in general. She is a performer who embraces herself and her craft wholeheartedly, and it certainly shows.

Thats why its no surprise that people still listen to and cover Partons hit from 1974, Jolene. Even the wee babes are getting in on the listening pleasure, ensuring that a whole new generation of people will be brought up listening to what musical talent sounds like.

This video is not what you would call a formal cover of Jolene, but thats exactly what makes it adorable. Its simply a toddler named Sophia playing and almost absentmindedly singing the first two lines of the song.

It really hits the level of cuteness overload when the camera pans to Sophias face and you can see she is singing with as much soul as a 2-year-old can muster.

Parton herself saw the video and tweeted about it, saying that when young fans cover her songs it warms her heart. It'll probably warm your heart too.