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If you are a human, you need to hear what this dad says to his daughter every morning
This precious video has been viewed over 17 million times. - photo by Melinda Fox
Look at yourself. Look in your eyes, Ron Alston tells his 3-year-old daughter Aliya as they stand in front of the mirror.

He tells her, You gotta see it, OK? You gotta feel it. You ready? You ready for school? Is it gonna be a good day? A really good day? You gonna be positive? Aliya giggles back.

Then he reminds her of the wonderful truths of her value that she's strong, that she's smart, that she's a hard worker, that she's beautiful, that she's respectful.

As program director for the YMCA, Alston is a wellness coach and spends every day working to help people develop self-confidence, but he believes his most important trainee is his 3-year-old daughter.

He said, "It's very important for me to share these messages with her because there will be many people that try to tear her down and make her feel less than what she is. She is taught that she is better than no one, but no one is better than her."

Alston hopes this kind of goodness can spread. Morning motivation is a tradition his father taught him, and he believes it helped him become a good and confident person. He decided to film his interaction with his daughter to help her remember, but decided to also share it on Facebook to encourage others to motivate themselves or others every day.

Alston wrote, It is great to see so many people inspired to do the same. In todays society it is so important for children to be self confident, humble and have a sense of self esteem ... Every child is destined for greatness and it is our job to get them there!