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New trailer, book cover for Dan Brown's next follow-up to 'The Da Vinci Code'
An image from the trailer of Dan Browns new book, Origin. - photo by Herb Scribner
Robert Langdon is back.

Entertainment Weekly reported on Wednesday that Langdon, the main character who shot to worldwide fame in "The Da Vinci Code," will make his triumphant return in Dan Browns new book, Origin.

The new mystery novel will focus on Langdons journey in Spain, where he will look to solve a mystery about humanitys origins and future, according to EW.

A trailer for the new book was also released this week on YouTube.

Similar to Browns other books, Brown will use codes, symbols and historical context to offer clues to readers. The book will also touch on themes of science, religion and art.

Only Origin offers a new twist: The art hell be featuring will be modern, and the science will focus on cutting-edge technology, according to EW.

As The Los Angeles Times reported, the trailer shows images of Madrid, Seville, Barcelona and Bilbao, Spain.

The city of Bilbao also includes a Guggenheim Museum, which may be a launching point for some of the art- and symbol-based clues, according to the LA Times.

Langdon was last seen in 2013s Inferno.

Browns book series (The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Inferno) has been widely successful, selling more than 200 million copies worldwide.

The books also launched a string of movies starring Tom Hanks as Langdon.

The Da Vinci Code filmed made more than $750 million worldwide.