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Report: Idaho man impaled by a spear in mind-boggling incident
Justin Firth, 43, told East Idaho News that he was impaled by the spear while working at the Southern Idaho Commodities as he was building a fence. - photo by Herb Scribner
An Idaho man cant believe hes alive after he was impaled by a spear while at work.

Justin Firth, 43, told East Idaho News he was impaled by the spear while working at Southern Idaho Commodities in Jerome, Idaho, building a fence.

He said a heavy hay bale spear, which is called a tine, was attached to a loader when suddenly, the attachment fell and the spear pierced through Firths back and out of his stomach, according to East Idaho News.

I felt something hit me, and I went to the ground, Firth recalls. I looked up to find out what happened and I (saw) that belt tine sticking through me and into the ground. I was pretty scared. Its pretty mind-boggling.

Firth said he didnt feel any pain. He remained alert during the incident.

I never saw any blood come out of the front, and I could feel a little moisture on my back, Firth says. I never got a heat sensation like it was bleeding profusely or anything.

His wife, Anny Firth, told East Idaho News that an officer wouldnt let her see Justin right away.

The officer stopped me at the driveway and said that Justin had requested me not to see him like that, Anny said. The officer is my neighbor and I said, How bad is it? Shoot straight with me. He said it was pretty bad and told me to have faith and pray. So we prayed. Lots of prayers.

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