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The mother I'll never be
I am not the mom that everyone expects me to be. But here's what I am. - photo by Jessica Tollett
I am not the mom that makes homemade valentines and beautiful cupcakes for your school parties. I am not the mom that spends hours in the kitchen making nutritious dinners from scratch. I am not the mom that makes sure your outfits are flawless every morning. I am not the mom with the spotless house, detailed calendars or magazine-worthy fashion.

I envy those moms! But as much as I try, I will never be them.

I am the mom that buys boxed valentines from the store the night before your party. I am the mom that forgets to sign your homework folder. I am the mom that sometimes throws a Pop-Tart at you as we run out the door. I am the mom that is digging through the dryer looking for that jersey you need to wear today, or for a pair of matching socks.

Im also the mom that still sneaks in your room when you are asleep to make sure you are breathing, no matter if you are a newborn or 12 years old. I am the mom that will drive all over the state to watch you play ball even if there is a chance you may never get off the bench. I am the mom that will sit through a two-hour honors program just so I can see that two-second smile on your face when they call your name. I am the mom that more often than not has a house or car full of your friends. I am the mom that loves to watch you play even if you just got beat by 60 points. I am the mom that watches you do a cartwheel for the 8,312th time because you say Mom, watch this! I am the mom that loves you unconditionally -- even when you get detention, miss the honor roll or do things that drive me crazy.

I may not have all of it (or even a little of it) together, but one thing you can always say is that I was there. And not because I felt obligated to be or I thought it was the right thing to do, but because there is no place in the world I would rather be.

Moms -- you are doing a good job! I know its sometimes hard not to compare yourself in this virtual world full of Facebook brags, Pinterest perfection and a constant stream of information about everything we are doing wrong. Love the kids you have and brag about them every chance you get. Be proud of the job you are doing. As long as you are doing the best you can, you are doing good enough.