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This is the hair color you should have based on your skin tone
If you're not sure what color your hair should be next, here's your answer. - photo by Lindsey Miller
Depending on the year, it seems like everyone is going for the same hair color. Last year it was grey and pastel colors, this year its platinum blonde but don't worry, the ombre and balayage are still going strong and probably wont be fading out anytime soon.

While its super fun to experiment with different hair style, some people just dont quite know what to do when it comes to a color. There are so many to choose from, and sometimes you dont always get exactly what you ask for.

If youre looking for something new and exciting but youre not sure what to do, you might want to take a look at your skin tone. Certain hair colors compliment different skin tones, so use this as a guide next time you visit your stylist:

1. Fair

People with fair skin look incredible with warm tones in their hair. Honey blonde, warm, light brown, strawberry blonde and copper are all great choices for people with this tone.

2. Tan

If you have tan skin with warm undertones, cool brown hair will look amazing on you. Keeping your hair a cool shade will complement your warm undertones and create a stunning look.

3. Olive

According to InStyle, people with an olive complexion are great at pulling off dark, earthy hair colors. If youre looking to add some depth, try a few face-framing highlights with warmer colors like caramel, auburn and chestnut brown.

4. Brown

If you have a dark brown skin tone, the best thing you can do is make sure your hair is a different color than your skin. If its the same, InStyle notes that your beautiful features arent as prominent. Going lighter or darker with your hair will look amazing against your skin.

5. Pink/red

If you have a cool skin tone with pink and red undertones, a cool red color will look stunning on you. The coolness of the hair will perfectly complement your skin, plus youll have the fiercest hair ever.

If youre still not sure what to do, ask your stylist. They work with color every day, and theyll be sure to find a color thats just right for you.