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Video game 'Thoughts and Prayers' mocks political inaction on gun violence
Amid some congressional representatives' calls to end moments of silence following mass shootings and other filibustering to try and inspire more stringent gun control measures, video game developers are also airing their frustration, with a game. - photo by Chandra Johnson
Americans are all reacting to the recent shooting in an Orlando nightclub differently.

Connecticut Rep. Jim Himes tweeted in frustration that he would "not attend one more moment of silence on the (House of Representatives) floor" because "our silence does not honor the victims, it mocks them."

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy also reacted in frustration, holding a 15-hour filibuster in the hopes of banning suspected terrorists from owning or buying guns.

"Ask yourself: What can you do to make sure that Orlando or Sandy Hook never, ever happens again? Murphy said before relinquishing the Senate floor.

Video game developer GOP Arcade is also airing frustration with a game, "Thoughts and Prayers." GOP Arcade has released a series of games designed to "make the hoopla surrounding the election somewhat more enjoyable," according to its website. The games play with 80s style aesthetics as they comment on political issues in another game in the series, players pry Donald Trump's tax records "from his sausage fingers."

"Now, thanks to the folks at GOP Arcade, a new online game gives everyone the chance to be just as effective as a Republican legislator," Slate Magazine quipped about the game.

In the game, players hit buttons marked "Think" and "Pray" as many times as possible while shootings pop up across a map of the United States, complete with hashtags like #PrayforSeattle. At the end of each round, a old-fashioned score tally comes up marking how many thoughts and prayers were submitted vs. lives saved always zero.

"While its unlikely to change anyones mind, or actually bring about a change in our nations laws regarding firearms, 'Thoughts and Prayers' is a razor-sharp reminder that, ultimately, the life-and-death fight over gun control is anything but a game," Rafi Schwartz wrote at Fusion Magazine.