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A Womans View
On health and longevity
Judith Tabler clr

As we become older or get smarter, we hopefully learn to eat more wisely as well. We recognize that to keep our “machines” working well, that they need good fuel. And after all, we are always on a quest to find out the secrets to health and longevity!
Understanding the importance of nutrition is vital. And regarding medical advances is important also. Modern medicine cannot be faulted for the progress that it has made with meds and modern technology. Both approaches need balance.
However, while listening to television ads this past week, I remarked to Fred, “Boy, those chemical concoctions (pharmeceuticals) with those elusive names sound pretty darn scary!”
One drug boasted of helping with “so and so”; then proceeded to say that it could possibly cause genital yeast infections, ketoacidosis (huh?), rashes, swelling or difficulty swallowing, low blood sugar, or if one were on dialysis, not recommended as an option.
Really? Did you think, Mr. Ad, that I wasn’t listening? Or do you think I will become immune to your warnings and not pay attention.
An “asthma” pill warned that it could not replace the needed inhaler, that taking this pill might pose a risk of death or hospitalization, and if problems persisted, then (if one is still alive) you better check with your doctor again.
Now, folks, if there were food warnings like that in the grocery store, how would we react? If the grapefruit sign said, “If after ingesting this fruit, you have blurred eyesight, distended or swollen lips, or your earlobes suddenly hang down further than you normally recognize, then you had better check with your doctor.”
There is no doubt that the ingredients in diet drinks are dangerous, or that the fillers in certain foods (chicken for one) can be polluted, or that shrimp farmed in Indonesia might not be the healthiest. It’s up to us to get educated and self aware of the pitfalls of certain foods.
But there’s no denying, we are living longer and staying active longer as well! Something we are doing is right!
A friend of ours, Linda, described her very active 100 year old father who has lived in the same family home for 60 or more years. (Mom died ten years ago.) “He’s happy there. Nothing has changed. Very dated!” she explained. (That’s an understatement, I am sure!)
Dad dated a lady friend several years ago, and at 98, he told Linda that they broke up because, “It wasn’t going anywhere!” Dad got his license renewed at 98, and immediately bought a new car that he had his eyes on (and hadn’t told his kids about ).
Linda says, “He cooks for himself. He wouldn’t be happy anywhere else, and dad will most likely die in his house.”
It doesn’t get any better than that, does it? I wonder what his secret is?
Judi Tabler is a guest columnist for the Great Bend Tribune and her views don’t necessarily reflect those of the paper. She can be reached at